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Immigrate to Argentina from Italy

Immigrate to Argentina from Italy

Italian citizens who want to visit Argentina for no more than 3 months do not need a visa. Things differ for Italian immigration to Argentina, as visa and residence permits are required. Those interested in immigration to Argentina from Italy should discuss all the legal aspects with our Argentinian lawyers who have experience in this field. Our specialists can also help Italian investors start a business in Argentina by handling all the formalities.

Conditions and visas for immigration to Argentina 

The immigration to Argentina from Italy can be made relatively fast in the case of natural persons, while some formalities need to be considered in the case of companies. Here are a few important requirements linked to the immigration process to Argentina:

  1. A tourism and business visa for Argentina is available for 3 months with the possibility of extension.
  2. Students interested in immigration to Argentina from Italy need to provide information and some documents from the chosen college for study. Then, the student visa for Argentina is issued.
  3. The immigration authorities can issue the Contracted Personnel Visa which is a permit that allows working in Argentina as a citizen from Italy. Information about past work experience might be solicited by the Argentinian immigration authorities.

Italian entrepreneurs who want to do business in Argentina can apply for a Financier Visa for which around USD 2,200 needs to be deposited in a local bank account. More about the types of visas for Argentina can be discussed with our specialists. Italian migration to Argentina requires attention from a legal point of view. Let us help you relocate to Argentina.

Can Italian seniors retire to Argentina?

Yes, retirement is possible for Italian citizens in Argentina if a minimum income of nearly USD 2,200 is deposited each month in a local bank account. This is an important requirement for obtaining the Argentinian Pensioner Visa.

If you want to apply for a residence permit in Argentina, you can collaborate with our lawyers. This way you will know what the formalities are, what documents need to be prepared, and what is the status of your application. We mention that such a permit is valid for one year, but after two years under this status, you can apply for permanent residency. Contact us to discover as much information as possible and to benefit from our services.

How to apply for DNI in Argentina

DNI is the national identity card in Argentina, a required document for Italian citizens who intend to immigrate to Argentina and stay for a long period of time. One should note that the national identification document needs to be obtained in no more than 90 days from the arrival in Argentina. Otherwise, the Argentinian authorities can impose different fines and penalties. We mention that a DNI is used for utility and rental contracts, plus other important formalities in the country. Feel free to discuss all the legal aspects of Italian immigration to Argentina with our specialists. They can help you moveto Argentina in a fast and reliable manner.

Work permits in Argentina

work permit for Argentina is issued if the foreigner, in this case, the Italian citizen, has a temporary or permanent residence permit, and registers with the fiscal authorities. Plus, the Argentinian authorities will ask for information about the company that hires Italian citizens and which acts as a sponsor. The procedures for obtaining a work permit for Argentina are quite simple, with comprehensive support offered by our Argentinian lawyers. The Italian migration to Argentina can be discussed with our specialists, as they can help you move to Argentina.

Would you like to obtain Argentina citizenship? Our recommendation is to collaborate with one of our local lawyers who can take care of the formalities and documents required by the authorities. You can gain this status if you qualify for citizenship by naturalization, by descent, or by birth. But in order to benefit from a process free of complexity or paperwork errors, the advice is to turn to us for guidance and specialized advice.

Is naturalization possible in Argentina?

Yes, becoming an Argentinian citizen is quite simple if you lived for at least 2 years without interruption in this country. With the support of our experienced immigration lawyers in Argentina, the formalities for Argentinian citizenship can be accurately prepared. Proof of residency in Argentina, a clear criminal record, and proof you understand and speak the Spanish language are important requirements for citizenship application in Argentina. More about Italian migration to Argentina can be discussed with our advisors in the field.

Interested in immigration to Argentina and the formalities involved? Our recommendation is to turn with confidence to our lawyers who specialized in such problems and cases. You will thus be able to correctly apply for an entry visa, residence, and/or work permit, as the case may be. the formalities are relatively simple and you should not have any problems regarding possible rejections, as long as you collaborate with us. Contact us right now to find out as much information as possible.

Company relocation from Italy to Argentina

Italian immigration to Argentina might also implicate the company relocation process. In this direction, the Italian company must be de-registered in the home country, and then start the relocation process to Argentina. Closing the utility bills, contracts and other agreements are important aspects linked to relocation. The entire process can be overseen by one of our immigration lawyers in Argentina, so feel free to get in touch with us. If you are looking for business reasons to relocate to Argentina, the following facts and figures might be useful:

  1. Argentina registered more than USD 69 billion in terms of total FDIs for 2019.
  2. According to the 2020 Doing Business report, Argentina ranked 126th out of 190 economies in the world, in matters of simplified business.
  3. Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Germany, France, Canada, and Switzerland represent the key investors in Argentina.
  4. Most investments in Argentina are absorbed by sectors like manufacturing, banking, oil extraction, and more.

We suggest you talk to our specialists if interested in Italian immigration to ArgentinaContact us for complete details and a personalized offer if you want to immigrate to Argentina.