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Immigrate to Argentina from Canada

Immigrate to Argentina from Canada

Entering Argentina as a Canadian citizen does not require a visa. This is available for stays of no more than 90 days in Argentina. All the immigration matters can be explained by one of our lawyers in Argentina who can help Canadian citizens relocate to this country. Legal assistance is required to avoid any visa application errors that might arise, so you can rely on us if you want to immigrate to Argentina.

Do I need a visa for Argentina if I’m from Canada?

visa for Argentina is required if you prolong your visit to this country, coming from Canada. The validity of the passport must be of at least 6 months. Here are other important conditions to consider if you immigrate to Argentina from Canada:

  1. A visa is needed for stays of more than 3 months in Argentina.
  2. One must provide information about domiciliation in Argentina. The registration with the local authorities is mandatory.
  3. The personal information must be comprised of a specific form issued by Argentinian authorities.
  4. The return flight tickets will be solicited, plus details about personal finances.
  5. The authorities will ask for information about the criminal record.
  6. A health insurance is also required.

If the passport is not valid for at least 6 months, the authorities in Argentina can refuse the entry of Canadian citizens. Legal advice is required from the start because applicants need to avoid such unwanted and unpleasant situations with visa rejection. Your inquiries are received by our immigration lawyers in Argentina who can handle your visa application. You can rely on us if you want to move to Argentina. We can also offer detailed information about how to immigrate to Argentina.

Residence for Canadians in Argentina

Canadian nationals in Argentina must obtain a long-term residence permit if they intend to work here. The same rule is available for Canadian students in Argentina. The first thing to do is to register with the local authorities once you provide information about the accommodation in Argentina. It is quite recommended to search for a place to stay in Argentina before immigrating to this country. This guarantees that accommodation is reserved and you can legally stay in Argentina as a Canadian national. You can talk to our advisors if you are interested in immigration to Argentina from Canada. Let us help you move to Argentina in a fast manner.

Argentina citizenship can be obtained by people who prove that they have lived in this country for at least 2 years. Citizenship by naturalization is the ideal option for them, and the eligibility criteria can be explained to you by one of our Argentinian lawyers. Our specialists can supervise the entire process so that clients can be sure that there will be no complications along the way. Contact us for a free case evaluation and more.

Entry for dual citizenship holders

It is important to note that Canadian – Argentine dual nationals can enter and leave Argentina with the Canadian Passport if the stay is not exceeding 180 days. Otherwise, the Argentine passport will be used for exiting the country. There are cases where the authorities can solicit both passports. The exit stamp will be placed on the passport. All you need to know about dual citizenship can be offered by our Argentinian lawyers specialized in immigration.

Health requirements for Argentina

Canadian citizens must observe the general health requirements for immigrating to Argentina. The country is listed for Zika virus transmission in specific regions, therefore, vaccination is required. Also, one must align with the health requirements due to the pandemic crisis. Please discuss all the legal aspects with our immigration lawyers in Argentina. They can help you relocate to Argentina.

Company relocation in Argentina

Canadian companies can be easily relocated to Argentina if the de-registration takes place as the main step. The company must have zero debts and all the account balances in the right order before the company relocation to Argentina. There are many Canadian companies already thriving in Argentina. The business climate is quite appealing for international investors, including Canadians who want to develop their activities in a safe and appreciated environment from this point of view.

On the other hand, the formalities for company registration in Argentina are straightforward and represent a great advantage for Canadian entrepreneurs. Plus, the legal support offered by our team of lawyers in Argentina will prove quite helpful because there are a series of aspects to take care of. Also, one of our specialists can represent your Canadian company in Argentina. Here are some interesting facts and figures about Argentina’s economy:

  1. Around USD 69 billion was the registered FDI stock for Argentina in 2019.
  2. Chile, Uruguay, France, Canada, Germany, and Switzerland are the main investors in Argentina.
  3. Argentina ranks 126th out of 190 economies in the world, according to the 2020 Doing Business report.
  4. The natural resources of Argentina are significant, therefore, many foreign companies activate in this important field.

Canadian businessmen interested inhow to immigrate to Argentina can get in touch with our legal advisors and ask for help. Make an appointment and talk to our Argentinian lawyers about how to relocate to Argentina.