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How to Obtain an Argentinian Passport

How to Obtain an Argentinian Passport

Starting with 2012, the Argentine passport is biometric and has unique numbers. Persons who obtained citizenship in Argentina have the right to apply for a passport that comes with a series of benefits. One of our Argentinian lawyers can provide legal advice and assistance for obtaining a visa, apply for residency, citizenship, and passport. The same team can help foreign investors start a business and relocate to Argentina.

Short facts about visas for Argentina

Visas for Argentina are issued in accordance with the duration of stay in this country. Short or long-term visas are available for foreigners intending to visit or relocate to Argentina. Argentina work visa, student visa, journalist visa, religious visa, investment visa, and family visa are available for foreigners wanting to visit this country for different purposes. Specific conditions must be respected for obtaining a visa for Argentina, like showing proof of accommodation and bank statements, a valid passport plus the return flight tickets. If you intend to live in Argentina for more than just a couple of days, you should observe the rules for obtaining temporary residence in Argentina. Talk to our Argentinian lawyers for legal advice and representation if you want to relocate to Argentina.

What are the steps for obtaining the Argentine passport?

The Argentine passport can be obtained by foreign citizens with Argentinian citizenship. But before that, one must have lived in Argentina for at least 2 years with continuous residency and then apply for citizenship. Below you can find useful information about how to obtain the Argentine passport:

  1. Citizenship is granted for persons over 18 years of age living in Argentina for at least 2 years with no interruptions.
  2. Once citizenship is obtained, you can apply for an Argentine passport.
  3. The Argentine passport is issued if all personal documents are submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Argentina and dedicated departments.
  4. The authorities have the right to make some verifications and check the criminal records before issuing the Argentine passport.
  5. The National Identity Document, the proof of marital status, and the birth certificate must be presented to the Civil Registry where the passport application process starts.
  6. The Argentine passport has a validity of 10 years.

Foreigners interested in obtaining the Argentinian passport can simply get in touch with our lawyers in Argentina and solicit legal advice. Our team of specialists can help you obtain citizenship and the Argentine passport. We are here to help you move to Argentina.

What does the regular Argentine passport comprise?

As mentioned earlier, the Argentinian passport is biometric since 2012. Among the information comprised by an Argentine passport, we mention the country code, complete name, passport number, nationality, date, and place of birth, expiration date, and the number of the National Identity Document. One should know that the Argentine passport is valid for 10 years since January 2011. All the information comprised by an Argentinian passport is written in both English and Spanish. Please feel free to talk to our lawyers in Argentina for extra details and complete legal advice about how to move to Argentina.

Living in Argentina – the main benefits

If you want to immigrate to Argentina you should verify the possibilities offered. Argentina has its doors open to international investors looking for a business in this country and also for foreign citizens who simply want to relocate or retire in this country and benefit from great standards of living. The business opportunities are numerous and allow foreign entrepreneurs to establish the business presence quite fast in a wide range of flourishing sectors like tourism, agriculture (it represents around 6% of the country’s GDP), energy, food processing, automotive, to give a few examples.

Also, Argentina provides excellent living conditions, access to respected healthcare and education systems, important benefits considered by foreign citizens at the time the relocation enters the discussion. The rental prices are affordable in Argentina and depend on the location. Moreover, in terms of business, foreign investors can easily start a company in Argentina, with minimal costs and no harsh formalities. Here are some interesting facts and figures about Argentina’s economy and investments:

  1. Around USD 69.2 billion was the total FDI stock for Argentina in 2019;
  2. More than half of the FDI inflows in Argentina come from USA and Spain;
  3. The 2020 Doing Business report issued by the World Bank ranks Argentina 126th out of 190 economies in the world;
  4. About USD 4 billion was the total value of greenfield investments in Argentina in 2019.

For more details about how to obtain the Argentinian passport, and about how to immigrate to Argentina you are invited to contact our law firm.