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Obtain Visa for Argentina

Obtain Visa for Argentina

Even though the Argentinian authorities have relaxed visa policies and allow the entry in the country without specific requirements or restrictions, for stays of up to 90 days, some citizens should pay attention to the rules and regulations imposed. For instance, most of the African and Asian countries must align with the Argentina visa requirements, a matter where our lawyers in Argentina can help. They can provide support if you want to immigrate to Argentina.

Types of visas for Argentina

For short-term travel, short-term visas can be obtained by foreigners intending to visit Argentina. In this direction, one can apply for Argentina Tourist Visa or Argentina Business Visa. There are also other types of visas for Argentina that can be obtained, depending on the purpose of the visit or stay in the country:

  • Argentina Media/Journalist visa – journalists wanting to visit Argentina will have to obtain this kind of visa;
  • Argentina Medical Treatment Visa – just like the name says such a visa is required for foreign citizens looking for medical treatments in Argentina.
  • Argentina Religious Visa – citizens who are members of officially recognized religious orders must apply for this kind of visa.
  • Argentina Student Visa – studying in Argentina is possible, however, foreigners will have to obtain the visa first.
  • Argentina Work Visa – foreigners who accept jobs in Argentina must have a work permit. Our Argentinian lawyers will collaborate with your employer in terms of documents and requirements. Argentina visa requirements can be explained by our advisors.
  • Argentina Family Visa – foreigners who want to join their families in Argentina will have to apply for this type of visa.
  • Argentina Investment Visa – Foreign investors interested in business in Argentina will have to apply for an investment visa.
  • Argentina Transit Visa – this is required for persons who only transit Argentina for a couple of hours or days (no more than 10 days) on their way to another country. Talk to us for extra details about how to relocate to Argentina.

Short facts about residence in Argentina

Long-term residence in Argentina is needed for persons interested in working or studying in this country for more than just a couple of days or months. Foreign workers and students will have to register with the local authorities before they arrive in Argentina. One of our attorneys in Argentina will tell you more about how to apply for long-term residence, and the requirements involved. They can tell you all you need to know about Argentina visa requirements and about how to relocate to Argentina.

Argentina visa requirements – What you need to know

In matters of visa requirements and conditions, it is best to talk to an experienced lawyer in Argentina and find out more about these aspects, to be prepared from the start. Here are a few details to pay attention to when it comes to visas for Argentina:

  1. The passport must be valid for at least another 6 months from the date you wish to visit Argentina;
  2. The Argentina Visa Application Form must be completed with personal information;
  3. Proof of accommodation in Argentina is required;
  4. One must present proof of the return flight tickets;
  5. Some bank statements showing you have sufficient funds for the entire stay in Argentina.

In the case of minors traveling to Argentina, the parents, the guardians, or the legal tutors will have to sign a travel authorization, legalized by the Argentinian Embassy or Consulate of the country of origin. Please feel free to talk to one of our lawyers in Argentina and solicit immediate legal advice and assistance for obtaining the needed visa. Argentina visa requirements can be entirely explained by one of our attorneys. Do you need a visa for Argentina? Let us help you from a legal point of view if you want to immigrate to Argentina.

How do I obtain a work visa for Argentina?

The work permit is normally handled by the employer who offers the job. In the case of long-term contracts, the employment agreement is required, alongside a copy of the criminal record, accreditations, diplomas, etc. We remind that our Argentinian attorneys can work and collaborate with companies interested in hiring foreigners, in matters of documents and Argentina visa requirements. If you need a visa for Argentina, do not hesitate to talk to us. We are here to help you move to Argentina.

Other facts about visas for Argentina

The visa application can start with complete support provided by one of our lawyers in Argentina, as our advisors can collaborate with the Argentinian Embassies or Consulates. We can help you make an appointment with the authorities and submit the required documents. It is important to know that the Ministry of Interior supervises the immigration cases in Argentina. We have also gathered some facts and figures about immigration and population in Argentina that you might find it interesting:

  • • More than 45 million people are living in Argentina, according to worldometers.info;
  • • In the last 20 years, most of the immigrants came from Europe, Asia, and North America;
  • • Around 13 million is the population of Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina;
  • • 0.098 per 1,000 population represents the current net migration rate for Argentina.

If you would like to know more about how to obtain a visa and about how to move to Argentina, please feel free to contact our law firm in Argentina. We are at your disposal for everything you need to know about Argentina visa requirements.