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Fiscal Representative in Argentina

Fiscal Representative in Argentina

A fiscal representative in Argentina is appointed to deal with VAT registration for companies and more. Such a specialist has various responsibilities in the company, and in the following lines, you can find some information in this regard, specifying that our lawyers in Argentina are at your disposal with specialized legal advice in this regard.

What does a fiscal representative in Argentina do?

The main responsibility of a tax representative in Argentina is to register a company for VAT payment. Even if there is no obligation in this regard, it is still recommended to appoint a fiscal representative in Argentina when the company registration process is underway. On the other hand, companies from Argentina that carry out their activities in European countries must name a fiscal representative, but with small exceptions in certain states. Here are some of the responsibilities of a fiscal representative in Argentina:

  • He or she deals with the preparation of the documents required by the financial authorities to register for the payment of VAT in Argentina.
  • It is ensured that the company has a tax ID, following the approval of the required documents.
  • A fiscal representative in Argentina can represent a company before the financial authorities when controls are scheduled.
  • Also, the fiscal representative or tax agent in Argentina is the specialist who prepares the documents for VAT returns and specific declarations.

You have at hand the services of our law firm in Argentina when you want to start a business and appoint a fiscal representative. We can help you in this endeavor and provide specialized legal advice whenever needed.

Is there an obligation to have fiscal representatives in Argentina?

There is no obligation to appoint a tax representative in Argentina when setting up a company in this country. Even so, when the business of this company from Argentina is carried out in European countries, some of them impose this rule. On the other hand, a tax agent in Argentina can greatly facilitate the formalities and registration procedures of a company for the payment of taxes, where VAT is the most important. As he has various responsibilities, and implicitly experience in the tax sector, it is recommended to start the journey with such a specialist.

Why should you invest in Argentina?

Argentina is an excellent business destination for those who want to enjoy equality in terms of the business climate addressed to local entrepreneurs. Practically, there is no difference between investment and business procedures for local and foreign entrepreneurs, the latter being treated equally from this point of view. Here are some statistics about Argentina’s economy:

  • Around USD 15 billion was the total FDI inflow in 2022 in Argentina.
  • The total FDI stock for Argentina for 2022 was approximately USD 116 billion.
  • A real GDP growth in Argentina in 2024 of almost 3.2% is estimated.

In addition to the services offered by fiscal representatives, you may also be interested in details about immigration to Argentina. With the help of our immigration lawyers in Argentina, you can find out complete details about relocation. We help you get residency in Argentina. Also, those interested can apply for Argentine citizenship, with legal advice provided by our team. Contact us to benefit from personalized offers and legal support.