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Legal Services

Legal Services

Our team of lawyers in Argentina is at your disposal with a series of legal services for the problems or situations you encounter. Foreign investors who want to buy a company in Argentina or who want to register one can confidently turn to our specialists. Legislation can be complicated for those coming to Argentina for the first time for business purposes and not only, so it is advisable to consider the legal advice offered. We present some of our legal services that you can rely on when you come with businesses in Argentina or want to solve certain problems.

Company registration

Setting up companies is a fairly simple process if you follow the formalities imposed by the authorities. In Argentina, a limited liability company is the most appreciated business structure, which can be registered with the Argentine Trade Register. Our lawyers can help you with drafting the necessary documents and submitting them to the institutions, in order to further simplify the entire procedure.

Licenses and permits in Argentina

Certain economic activities require special licenses and permits for which a series of documents are required. Our team of lawyers in Argentina can handle these issues without you having to travel to this country. Our legal services in Argentina are at your disposal right away.

Do you want to apply for a residence permit in Argentina? This document can be obtained quite easily, especially if you use the legal services offered by our lawyers. Such a document is valid for one year, but there is the possibility of an extension. Also, to switch from a temporary residence permit to a permanent one, you need to prove that you have lived in Argentina for at least two years, under legal conditions. Contact our law office to discover the legal services that interest you.

Mergers and acquisitions

Foreign and local investors interested in mergers and acquisitions in Argentina are advised to seek specialized legal advice and to receive support throughout the process. All conditions can be explained by our lawyers who are aware of the legislative changes.

Litigation lawyers in Argentina

Litigation cases between companies and/or individuals are time-consuming and stressful without specialized help. Therefore, commercial disputes can be resolved through amicable procedures, instead of presenting cases to the courts. You can call on our legal services in Argentina to find out how you can be advised on litigation issues.

Tax advice and planning

Registration for the payment of taxes in Argentina is mandatory for local and foreign economic operators. Investors wishing to open a business in Argentina must understand the taxation system from the beginning and comply with the legislation in force. A lawyer in Argentina can guide you in this case when you want to register a company.

Property purchase in Argentina

Foreigners who want to buy a property in Argentina can do so with the help of our lawyers. The process can be much simplified because we will deal with the standard checks, but also with the necessary documents. In addition, you do not need to travel to Argentina to be able to buy a property because we can act with a power of attorney to represent your interests.

Immigration issues

Those wishing to relocate to Argentina should consider immigration legislation in that country. A certain type of visa may be required, so we will help you with the necessary forms, in order to guarantee that the application will not be rejected by the Argentine authorities. We can also help you with residency and citizenship in Argentina if you are interested in these issues.

Would you like to immigrate to Argentina? Let one of our lawyers take care of the formalities involved in obtaining the required visa. We can also help you obtain a residence permit if you want to relocate for a longer period of time in this country. The passport valid for at least 6 months, proof of income and accommodation, as well as the completion of the forms provided by the authorities, with personal information are among the documents you must prepare for relocation to Argentina.

Real estate due diligence in Argentina

Buying a property in Argentina requires a thorough check, and this can be done with the help of real estate due diligence. This procedure will reveal any hidden problem or legal dispute of a building. Therefore, in order to be sure that you are buying a property without legal problems, we invite you to discover our legal services in Argentina and to find out how we can help you.

Investing in Argentina

Argentina remains an excellent option for foreigners interested in investing in a stable and financially and economically secure country. Rich in natural resources, developed from an industrial point of view, and oriented towards reforms to improve the business climate, Argentina is on the list of foreign investors who want to enjoy generous profits. We also present some figures and statistical data that confirm the good economic direction of Argentina:

  • The total FDI stock for 2020 in Argentina was about USD 85.5 billion.
  • Argentina was ranked 126th out of 190 in terms of business climate, according to the 2020 Doing Business report.
  • Most foreign investments in Argentina come from countries such as Chile, Brazil, Switzerland, and Uruguay.

Want to know more about our legal services in Argentina? We invite you to contact our law firm in Argentina and discover how we can legally advise you at advantageous prices.