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Law Firm in Argentina

Argentina is open to foreign investments and it is seen as an appealing and appreciated business hub on an international level. With an expanded and stable economy and complete focus on business transparency and legal framework from the government, Argentina welcomes entrepreneurs from abroad and sustains the environment through all sorts of encouragements. It is though recommended to have an idea about the legal aspects of a business formation and the related matters for which our team of lawyers in Argentina can offer the necessary legal support. Plus, it is required to have a team of immigration lawyers in Argentina by your side if you decided on relocation. The formalities for immigration to Argentina can be entirely managed by our local specialists.

 Quick Facts  
How can a lawyer help you start a business in Argentina?

Our experts can draft the required documents, register the firm with the relevant authorities and provide advice in taxation matters.

Services offered by our lawyers in Argentina

We offer legal support for:

– company incorporation,

– tax registration,

– litigation,

– debt collection, 

– property purchase,

– trademark registration,

– employment matters

Representation for divorce cases 

Couples who want to file for divorce in Argentina can choose mediation instead of going to court.

Support for licenses and permits

Particular business operations require special licenses and permits.

We can manange the formalities.

 Legal advice for commercial disputes (YES/NO)


Power of attorney

Our lawyers in Argentina can represent clients with a power of attorney for opening a firm, a bank account, buy a property, draft a contract

Real estate due diligence (YES/NO)


Legal advice for mergers and acquisitions (YES/NO)


Company liquidation We manage the formalities for company liquidation in Argentina.
Tax advice and planning On request
Wealth management

On request

We manage immigration issues

We can prepare the documents for visa, work permits, residence applications in Argentina and citizenship.

Representation for Family Law cases

Legal advice for adoption, custody, paternity, guardianship and family disputes are provided.

Free case evaluation 

A complete evaluation of your case is offered by our local lawyers.

Reasons to choose our law firm in Argentina A dedicated and experience team who can handle a wide range of legal areas.

Types of companies to be incorporated with the help of our lawyer  in Argentina

Limited liability companies, stock corporations, simplified shares companies, branches, and subsidiaries can be easily established in Argentina, in compliance with the Law of Corporations no.19550. The limited liability company is the preferred business entity and it comes with several requirements at the time of registration:

  • the registration starts with the Public Registry and the local office in Argentina;
  • the foreign shareholders of an LLC have 100% ownership in the company;
  • at least two partners can form an LLC in Argentina;
  • there is no need for minimum share capital for an LLC in Argentina;
  • one needs to verify the name of the future business with the Office of Corporations;
  • an initial start-up capital needs to be deposited at the National Bank in Argentina.

The legal matters of business registration can be explained by our attorneys in Argentina, so please do not hesitate to contact our team at any time. You can also solicit information on immigration to Argentina, if interested in this topic, and also about Argentina citizenship.

Legal support for licenses and permits in Argentina

If your business is subject to special licenses and permits for certain activities, our Argentinian lawyers is at your disposal with legal advice. We can help you apply for the necessary licenses before commencing your activities.

Debt collection in Argentina

Are you having problems collecting debts in Argentina? Our law firm in Argentina is at your disposal with complete legal support for starting the procedure of debt collection. An amicable procedure for recovering debts in Argentina might be the proper solution for your business in this country. Our Argentinian lawyers have an extensive experience in debt collection procedures, so feel free to get in touch with us.

Company litigation in Argentina

Our experienced team of litigation lawyers in Argentina can handle litigation cases and can represent you in a court of law at any time. Having solid legal representation is the key to a positive result in your litigation case. Contact our law firm in Argentina for in-depth support.

Interested in residency in Argentina? Our lawyers are at your disposal with specialized legal services in the area of ​​immigration. Such a residence can be obtained for family reunification, studies, medical purposes, or work, among others. We mention that this status can be obtained in approximately 45 days from the date of application, but to benefit from a quick and simple process, we recommend you contact our specialists.

Tax advice in Argentina

Foreign investors can receive legal support in matters of taxation in Argentina. Knowing the tax structure in this country before starting a business is essential for future activities and can help a foreigner deal with the applicable legislation. Our attorneys in Argentina can offer tax advice and planning for your business, regardless of the chosen entity in Argentina.

Company liquidation

Closing a company in Argentina is subject to different requirements as established by the legal framework. We can handle the formalities in this sense and we can help you liquidate a company and we can offer support if you would like to open a new one. Talk to our attorneys in Argentina for in-depth information in this matter.

Divorce in Argentina

Foreigners wishing to get a divorce in Argentina are advised to seek legal advice. Our divorce lawyers in Argentina can represent each spouse and can offer advice on property sharing, child custody, alimony, and documents required for the entire process. On the other hand, foreigners should solicit legal advice from our immigration lawyers in Argentina, if the divorce process gets complex.

Property purchase in Argentina

The purchase of a property in Argentina can be easily done by a foreign citizen if he/she complies with the required formalities. Among them, it is recommended to consider real estate due diligence, both in the case of real estate and land purchase, in order to be able to check in detail their documents. This way you will be sure that there are no hidden disputes or problems that will stop the sale process. Full legal advice can be provided by our lawyers in Argentina.

Tax registration

Registration for the payment of taxes is mandatory in Argentina for local and foreign economic operators. As the tax system may seem complex for some entrepreneurs, it is recommended that you use our legal services in Argentina and find out all the details related to the documents required for registration for VAT purposes and more.

Trademark registration in Argentina

Trademark protection is important for any type of business in Argentina. This ensures that you do not conflict with other entities that may use the same logos or business slogans. Trademark registration in Argentina can be done with the help of our Argentinian lawyers.

Business consulting

Our lawyers in Argentina can offer you business consulting services if you intend to open a company in this country and get an idea about the valid structures. Business relationships, the type of investments, the analysis of the portfolio, the possibilities of entering into a partnership are some of the topics we can approach when collaborating with us. Signing certain business contracts requires a prior check, and our lawyers can provide you with the necessary support in this case.

Fiduciary services in Argentina

The connection between investors and investment companies, assistance in opening a bank account, verifying special transactions, and preparing the necessary documents and contracts are some of the tasks related to fiduciary services in Argentina. If you are interested in this type of service, please get in touch with our law firm in Argentina.

Immigration to Argentina

Those wishing to relocate to Argentina must take into account the rules regarding visas, residence permits, and work. As for those who want to apply for Argentine citizenship, they can be legally advised by our lawyers in Argentina who have experience in immigration issues. Everything related to the formalities for obtaining an investment visa in Argentina can be explained by our specialists.

Representation before the courts

Disputes that cannot be resolved through mediation or arbitration may come to the attention of the courts. Regardless of the case you are facing, it is recommended to consider our legal help. Our attorneys in Argentina can represent you in court and can prepare your defense formalities where appropriate.

Why choose our law firm in Argentina

The business field is one in constant motion and changing, and the legislation can be complex for foreigners who want to invest in Argentina. Although the authorities have reduced quite a lot the formalities for registering a company and for paying taxes, legal advice is needed in order to be able to guarantee that the formalities are respected and that there will be no problems from this point of view.

We have already helped a large number of international clients who have benefited from our experience, transparency, and professionalism from the very beginning. In terms of foreign investment in Argentina, the country offers an optimal business climate, and the following statistics highlight the country’s economic direction:

  1. There is a preferential tax regime for the energy and automotive sectors in Argentina.
  2. Around USD 85.5 billion was the total FDI in Argentina in 2020.
  3. Argentina was ranked 126th out of 190 world economies in terms of business conditions, according to the 2020 Doing Business report.
  4. Manufacturing, mining and oil extraction, retail and wholesale are among the sectors that attract the most foreign investment.
  5. There are a number of regional development plans implemented by the authorities to attract as many foreign investors as possible.

Opening a business in Argentina starts with a comprehensive assistance in terms of registration and legal requirements for which our law firm in Argentina can help. Please do not hesitate to contact our Argentinian lawyers for complete assistance.