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Immigrate from Spain to Argentina

Immigrate from Spain to Argentina

Spanish citizens do not need a visa to enter Argentina and stay for up to 90 days. However, they need to observe other legal aspects related to work and residence permits in Argentina. Those interested in how to immigrate to Argentina from Spain are suggested to discuss all the legal aspects with our Argentinian lawyers with experience in this field. We have a dedicated team of experts who can manage and cover a wide range of immigration matters and they can help you relocate to Argentina.

Visa conditions for Spanish immigration to Argentina

Even though there is no need for a visa for Spanish citizens who want to visit Argentina, things change if relocation enters the discussion. This means that a visa and a residence permit are required in this matter. Here are a few of the conditions for Spanish immigration to Argentina:

  1. The purpose of the stay in Argentina determines the type of visa you need. A student visa, a business visa, or a work visa might be needed.
  2. The residence permit shows you can legally stay in Argentina. DNI or the national identity card is required.
  3. In the case of Spanish workers in Argentina, a long-term residence is needed. One of our Argentinian lawyers can help.
  4. Spanish entrepreneurs need to apply for a Financier Visa and deposit about USD 2,200 in a local bank account. Then, they can start a business in Argentina.

Applying for a work and residence permit in Argentina as a Spanish citizen can be done with legal advice offered by our law firm in Argentina. The formalities can be entirely managed by our team before you arrive in the country. We can also offer detailed information about how to immigrate to Argentina.

How do I obtain a DNI as a Spanish citizen in Argentina?

DNI is the document that shows you can legally stay in Argentina. This kind of document is required for foreigners who want to relocate to this country. Among the conditions for this kind of personal identification document refers to the timeframe in which one needs to apply. Therefore, DNI needs to be issued in no more than 3 months from the time of arrival in Argentina.

Besides proving that you can live and work in Argentina with a DNI, this document is also used for rental and utility contracts, to mention a few needs. We suggest you talk to our lawyers in Argentina when applying for a DNI. They can help you move to Argentina by handling the formalities.

If you are interested in Argentina citizenship, we recommend that you discuss all legal aspects with our local lawyers. Citizenship by birth, descent, and naturalization are the three options available to you in this regard, and the formalities involved can be supervised by one of the specialists. The eligibility criteria may seem complicated for foreigners, so legal advice will be needed. Contact our team to find out all the aspects that interest you.

Can Spanish nationals retire to Argentina?

Yes, Argentina is a great destination in terms of retirement. Many Spanish citizens decide to relocate to Argentina due to a wide range of benefits. The formalities for retirement in Argentina are simple and Spanish nationals need to deposit at least USD 2,200 in a local bank account, each month. This is the main condition for retiring in Argentina from Spain. We remind you that more about Spanish immigration to Argentina can be discussed with our specialists with experience in this field. They can help you immigrate to Argentina.

A residence permit in Argentina can be easily obtained by those who want to relocate to this country for a longer period. The process of obtaining this document is straightforward and can be supervised by one of our lawyers with experience in immigration matters. We will assure our clients that all documents are legal and that there are no errors in this process. Contact us for more information about the legal services offered.

Company relocation from Spain to Argentina

Spanish immigration to Argentina can involve company relocation of business owners who want to establish their presence and operations in this country. The process of company relocation is not complex and can be managed entirely by our specialists. The company relocation starts with the de-registration of the firm from the home country, in this case, Spain. As soon as all the contracts are closed and a relocation declaration is signed by the company owners and administrators, the process can start.

Argentina is a great place for business and the following facts and figures highlight a few aspects of the economic direction:

  1. More than USD 69 billion represented the total FDI stock registered by Argentina in 2019.
  2. Manufacturing, mining, and oil extraction remain the sectors that absorb most of the FDIs in Argentina.
  3. When it comes to simplified business formalities, Argentina ranked 126th place out of 190, according to the 2020 Doing Business report provided by the World Bank.
  4. A preferential tax regime is offered to companies with operations in the automotive field in Argentina.
  5. More than half of the FDI inflows come from countries like the Netherlands, Spain, and USA.

Are you thinking of immigrating to Argentina? In this case, you need legal advice from our lawyers. We provide you with information on obtaining a visa and residence permit. You can make investments, and the investor visa is available for interested foreigners. We can also help foreign citizens who want to relocate with their entire families.

Working with our Argentinian lawyers

Interested in how you can immigrate from Spain to Argentina? You should find out about the legal services offered by our experienced team of attorneys in Argentina. We treat each case in a very professional manner to achieve the best results for our customers. Visas, work permits, residence permits, relocation, retirement, and naturalization are a few of the most important immigration topics that can be discussed with our experts, as they can help you immigrate to Argentina.

Feel free to contact our law firm in Argentina and ask for legal assistance if you want to immigrate from Spain to Argentina. We can help you move to Argentina in a fast and reliable manner.