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Immigrate to Argentina from South Africa

Immigrate to Argentina from South Africa

Immigration to Argentina from South Africa is a process that can be overseen by our specialists from a legal point of view. Citizens from South Africa do not need a visa to enter Argentina if they intend to stay for up to 90 days. Things change if you decide to relocate to Argentina. There are legal aspects to consider for the entire process of moving to Argentina from South Africa and support can be offered by one of our immigration lawyers in Argentina. The same team can help South African citizens start a business in Argentina by handling the formalities imposed by the authorities.

Do I need a visa for Argentina if I’m from South Africa?

There are no restrictions referring to entry to Argentina from South Africa, in terms of visas. However, if you prolong your visit or you want to move to Argentina from South Africa, you should pay attention to the conditions implicated. The immigration-related legal aspects can be discussed with one of our immigration lawyers in Argentina:

  1. Visa for Argentina is required for South African citizens who stay more than just 3 months.
  2. The passport must have a validity of at least 3 months.
  3. A visa application form is offered by the Argentinian authorities. Our attorneys in Argentina can tell you more and offer assistance.
  4. Information about domiciliation in Argentina needs to be offered by South African citizens.
  5. The Argentinian authorities can verify the criminal record of citizens who intend to relocate to Argentina.

If there is no need for a visa to enter Argentina from South Africa, citizens need to register with the local authorities and obtain residency in Argentina. We remind you that nationals from South Africa can stay in Argentina for up to 90 days if they have a valid passport and a flight return ticket, alongside sufficient funds for the entire stay. Information on this topic can be offered by our Argentine lawyers who can provide legal support and assistance. You can get in touch with us and find out more about immigration to Argentina.

How can I obtain a residence permit in Argentina?

Once entered into Argentina, South African citizens must offer information about the accommodation in this country to the local authorities in charge. In most cases, it is advisable to have a place to stay in Argentina prior to relocation, in order to smooth the process of registration and issuance of the residence permit. Feel free to talk to our Argentinian lawyers and find out all the legal aspects related to immigration to Argentina from South Africa.

Foreigners who have lived for at least 2 years in Argentina can apply for citizenship by naturalization. The formalities related to Argentine citizenship can be explained in detail by one of our local lawyers who has experience in immigration issues. You will be advised on the eligibility criteria and all aspects related to obtaining this status. We are here to offer you the help you need to benefit from a quick and simple process.

Traveling with minors to Argentina

Another important aspect covered by our Argentinian lawyers specialized in immigration refers to minors under 18 of age traveling from South Africa to Argentina. In this matter, a legalized “Minors authorization form” needs to be approved by the Department of International Relations and Cooperation. In the case of minors under 16 years of age traveling with one of the parents or tutors, personal information about the appointed tutors must be provided. Knowing the immigration legislation referring to minors traveling to Argentina is important, so you should discuss all the legal aspects with our attorneys in Argentina.

A business visa for Argentina – What you need to know

Besides the basic visa requirements for Argentina, one must provide a letter issued by the employer who hires the citizen from South Africa. Plus, a copy of the employment contract is also solicited and this must comprise complete details about the financial means and other information. The business visa can be rapidly obtained if you discuss the legal aspects with our Argentinian lawyers. Plus, you can be sure you won’t face a visa rejection in your case. Talk to us if you want to move to Argentina.

We offer support if you want to know more about immigration to Argentina. Our lawyers are specialized in the field and can offer you the necessary support in obtaining a visa, residence permit, and other documents necessary for relocation. We advise you to turn to us with confidence because you will benefit from legal services at advantageous prices and offered by a team of professionals.

South Africans moving to Argentina for work purposes

South African citizens can opt for Argentina for a job, but taking into account the conditions imposed by the authorities. In this sense, they must apply for a work permit and long-term visa. The employing company in Argentina must be registered with National Immigrant Sponsors, which applicants can verify with the help of our lawyers. Also, our specialists can collaborate with the employing company to prepare the documents for obtaining a work permit in Argentina. Here are other interesting aspects if you want to immigrate from Argentina to South Africa:

  • If you relocate to Argentina for work purposes, you must first register with the local authorities. You will receive a national identity document and a social security number, the latter being found on the employment contracts.
  • The work visa is valid for one year, but it can be extended, especially if the work contract is also extended or is for an indefinite period. We can tell you more about immigration to Argentina from South Africa.

South African citizens moving for family reunification in Argentina

If you want to immigrate to Argentina from South Africa for family reunification purposes, you must apply for a family visa. In this sense, you must prove that a member of your family already lives in Argentina: wife, husband, and child with permanent residence in this country. And in this case, registration with the local municipal authorities is mandatory, within a maximum of 90 days from the date of arrival in Argentina. A residence permit will be issued with a validity of 1 year and the possibility of an extension for 3 years.

Conditions for South African citizens who want to come to Argentina for studies

Argentina is appreciated for its universities and in general for its quality education system. South African citizens who want to attend courses in this country must apply for a student visa. As in the cases presented above, it is necessary to register with the local authorities and obtain a residence permit. We specify here that the student visa for Argentina is valid for 6 months and can be extended upon request, depending on the school program and the courses of the student coming from South Africa.

Retiring in Argentina from South Africa

South African citizens can retire to Argentina subject to certain conditions. For example, they must apply for a retirement visa or Pensionado visa in Argentina, as it is known. One of the requirements refers to a minimum income of USD 2,000 per month. Here is what you need to know in this case:

  • Citizens from South Africa can enter Argentina with another visa, and then apply for a retirement visa in Argentina.
  • A retirement visa in Argentina is the same as a temporary residence permit.
  • This visa is valid for one year but can be extended for another 3 years, at the request of the applicant.

We invite you to talk to our specialists if you want to ask questions about immigration to Argentina from South Africa and you want to know the conditions for obtaining a retirement visa.

Reasons to immigrate to Argentina from South Africa

Among the reasons why South African citizens choose Argentina as their new home is the quality, private, and public health system. Diversity and multiple development opportunities are other reasons for relocating from South Africa to Argentina. Also, the education system and affordable cost of living are other important aspects that are taken into account by those who want to know more about immigration to Argentina from South Africa.

Here are some facts and figures about the population and immigration to Argentina:

  1. In 2023 the net migration rate in Argentina was 0.082 per 1000 population.
  2. The current data for 2024 show a net migration rate of 0.078 per 1000 population.
  3. More than 92% of the Argentinian population is urban.

Interested in more details about immigration to Argentina from South Africa? You are invited to contact our law firm in Argentina and discuss the legal aspects of visas and residence permits.