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Open a Trust in Argentina

Open a Trust in Argentina

Trust in Argentina can be formed to properly manage personal assets. You must have a trustee to act in your interest. And to get a complete idea about the legal formalities of the trust, we invite you to talk to our lawyers in Argentina. In this article, we will review some information about trusts in Argentina.

How does trust work in Argentina?

There are two types of trusts in Argentina, the revocable one in which the founders can request revocations of assets, as well as the irrevocable one in which the beneficiaries are the only ones who can manage the respective funds. But you can find out other information in this regard below:

  • trust in Argentina can be established with the establishment of a company. Charitable donations are also accepted as a structure for registering a trust in Argentina.
  • The Civil and Commercial Code allows the trustee to be the beneficiary of the established trust in Argentina. It is, however, advisable to avoid potential conflicts of interest.

The time frame for company incorporation in Argentina is generally 5 working days, the same as in other countries, such as New Zealand where opening a company lasts around a week.

Considering these aspects, we remind you that you can talk to one of our experts in the field. Also, if you are interested in immigration to Argentina, you can benefit from specialized advice on formalities, by collaborating with our immigration lawyers in Argentina.

Residency in Argentina involves some formalities that you must take into account in this endeavor. In addition to presenting a valid passport, applicants must also present health insurance, with coverage in this country, a clear criminal record, as required by the immigration authorities, as well as proof of personal income or proof of employment. You should know that the permit can be issued in approximately 45 days, during which our lawyers can offer you specialized legal advice. Contact us if you want to know more about legal help in this endeavor.

Tax benefits of trusts in Argentina

Trusts in Argentina can be considered common investment funds if certain criteria are met. Therefore, income tax is excluded, but it must be proved that they have no foreign-source income.

Also, there is no withholding tax for revenues distributed by the trusts in Argentina. However, there is a capital gains tax of approximately 13.5% that applies in the case of the disposal of a contribution in the trusts in Argentina. Here is other useful information:

  • If trusts are liquidated within 5 years from the date of establishment, a withholding tax of 31.5% may be imposed on what has been accumulated and not distributed.
  • But if the liquidation is done within 10 years from the establishment, there will be no withholding tax rate.

You can find out more about this matter from our lawyers in Argentina. You can also ask us for information about immigration to Argentina if you are thinking of moving your business to this country. If you are interested in obtaining citizenship in Argentina, our lawyers can offer legal assistance. If you want to start a business in another country, such as Bahrain, we can put you in touch with our local partners.

Are you interested in Argentina citizenship? Our local lawyers can explain the formalities involved in obtaining this status by naturalization, birth, or citizenship. Compliance with the eligibility criteria is important, so our experts will guess for you in this regard. We mention that entrepreneurs interested in citizenship can invest a minimum of ARD 1.5 million in a local business, but to benefit from a quick and simple process, you can contact us.

FAQ about trusts in Argentina

1. Can the beneficiaries of a trust in Argentina be changed?

It is possible to change the beneficiary of a trust in Argentina. This is done with the agreement of the protector of the trust which may include certain family members as well as other people who are not related to the said family.

2. Is it possible to ask for the distribution of trust in Argentina?

Yes, if there are no restrictions in this regard, especially those imposed by the founder, the beneficiaries can request the distribution of the respective trust. However, the taxation of trust in Argentina will be taken into account, before its distribution.

3. What happens if the founder of a trust deceased?

Normally there must be a letter in which the founder stipulates what happens to the trust in Argentina after his death. Even if there are exceptions, the distribution of assets to the beneficiaries will be considered, especially if minors are involved.

Regarding investments in Argentina, the country offers multiple possibilities for development. The following information may be of interest to you:

  • The establishment of a company can be done with a minimum capital of ARS 100,000 and one shareholder.
  • Over USD 98 billion was the total FDI in Argentina in 2021.
  • Also in the same years, several companies from China invested USD 1 billion in Argentina.

Immigration to Argentina can be an uncomplicated process if you turn to one of our lawyers with experience in this field. We can take care of the formalities related to obtaining a visa, residence permit, and work permit. Depending on the required documents and the processing time, a visa can be obtained in approximately 2 weeks. As for the residence permit, it is valid for 1 year, with the possibility of extension.

Those interested in opening a trust in Argentina can contact our law firm for specialized legal advice. You can also collaborate with our immigration lawyers in Argentina for legal advice in this regard.