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Obtain Citizenship by Birth in Argentina

Obtain Citizenship by Birth in Argentina

According to Nationality Law in Argentina, people born in this country acquire nationality from birth. It is necessary for at least one person in the family to be of Argentine nationality, for the child to receive the same status. We invite you to discover in this article some essential information about Argentina citizenship by birth, with the mention that you can receive legal advice from our lawyers in Argentina. Moreover, those interested in starting a business in Argentina are welcome to discuss all the aspects with us.

 How to apply for citizenship by birth

People who were born outside the borders of Argentina, but who have Argentine parents do not receive citizenship of this country right away. However, they can apply for permanent resident status in Argentina and then for citizenship. We present below other details related to this important topic, namely, Argentina citizenship by birth:

  •  After reaching the age of 18, Argentine citizenship can be applied for. There are no restrictions in these situations, therefore, children with foreign parents, but born in Argentina can automatically receive citizenship.
  •  Children whose parents are on special missions for Argentina in different countries may also receive citizenship. It will be proved that those children were born outside the borders of this country, in special conditions, and with Argentinian parents.
  •  Anyone born in Argentina, of parents of another nationality or status, acquires Argentine citizenship. There is no limitation if the person is registered in another country.

The laws are clear regarding Argentinian citizenship, and the waiver of this right will be made before a judge, where all the data and reasons for doing so will be presented. Our immigration lawyers in Argentina are at your disposal if you want to know more about how to obtain citizenship by birth in Argentina. They can firstly help you immigrate to Argentina in a fast manner.

Jus sanguinis or nationality by descent

Argentina follows the principle of “jus sanguinis” (right of blood) which means that people with Argentine parents can obtain citizenship. It is important to mention here that the process of obtaining Argentine citizenship by birth must include a series of documents, including, most importantly, the birth certificate. We remind you that our team of lawyers in Argentina has experience in immigration and citizenship issues and can provide you with the necessary support and assistance to obtain the desired results, in this case, citizenship. Let us provide support if you want to immigrate to Argentina.

A residence permit in Argentina can be obtained with specialized help from our lawyers. They can manage everything related to the preparation of documents and collaboration with the relevant authorities. But the candidates must present health insurance, and make sure they have a valid passport. We also mention that the residence permit is valid for one year, but you can extend it, and then apply for a permanent one.

Some details about naturalization in Argentina

Citizens over the age of 18 who have lived in Argentina for at least 2 years may apply for naturalization, according to Law 346. Authorities have the right to conduct a series of checks in this regard and may reject applicants who have been imprisoned or convicted of various crimes, including illicit gains.

Among the formalities required for naturalization in Argentina are skills and knowledge of the Spanish language, a clean criminal record (both in Argentina and in the country of origin), plus information about residence and work.

We advise you to talk to our immigration specialists and find out all the details about naturalization in Argentina. More about how to relocate to Argentina can be discussed with us.

Is dual citizenship accepted in Argentina?

Yes, Argentina accepts dual citizenship, so there is no need to give up native citizenship. So, if you want to apply for Argentina citizenship by birth or naturalization, you can keep your current citizenship. This is a considerable advantage for foreigners who want to apply for Argentine citizenship and also benefit from birth status. You can discuss more about dual citizenship and the process of Argentina citizenship by birth with our specialists. Our lawyers in Argentina have experience in immigration issues and other similar issues and they can help foreigners relocate to Argentina.

Some statistics about immigration in Argentina

If you want to move to Argentina, you should know that this is a country with multiple possibilities, and those who choose this country either do it to open a business and grow or for living conditions. Currently, there are over 1.5 million foreign nationals living in Argentina and coming from neighboring countries. Here are other interesting statistics about the population of Argentina:

  1. About 21% of immigrants from Argentina’s neighboring countries come from Paraguay, followed by Bolivia, with 15%.
  2. There are over 45 million citizens living in Argentina, according to Worldometers.info.
  3. Argentina represents 0.58% of the total world population.
  4. Over 92% of Argentina’s population lives in urban areas, with nearly 42 million people.

Immigration to Argentina involves a series of formalities that you must keep in mind if you want to avoid rejection from the authorities. This is where our lawyers in Argentina can help you, who can take care of the paperwork involved. We mention that you need a valid passport and information about personal income and new domiciliation in Argentina. We are here to offer you the necessary support to benefit from a simple and fast relocation process.

Are you interested in Argentina citizenship by birth? We invite you to contact our law firm in Argentina and discuss all legal issues with our experts. We provide assistance for foreigners who want to move to Argentina.