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Buy Land in Argentina

Buy Land in Argentina

From the very beginning, we mentioned that there are no restrictions regarding the purchase of land in Argentina by foreigners. This means that both locals and foreigners can purchase any type of land, as long as it is not owned by the state or is not on the border, in compliance with applicable laws. In order to benefit from specialized legal aid, we recommend that you talk to our immigration lawyers in Argentina if you are interested in buying land in Argentina as a foreigner.

Requirements for buying land in Argentina

As we mentioned above, foreigners in Argentina have the same rights as locals when it comes to buying land. But several formalities must be followed to take possession of the desired land, and among these, we mention the following:

  • A tax ID number or CUIL number (Clave Unico de Identificacion Laboral) is required to be able to buy land in Argentina. The Federal Tax Office issues these numbers.
  • There are standard forms that must be completed with the respective transaction data.
  • In order to be sure that the land you are buying has no litigation, it is recommended to request real estate due diligence, a process with which certain checks are made.
  • You can opt for a private contract after the price offer has been accepted. It is then transferred around 30% -50% of the price of the respective land and its sale is ensured.
  • The sale-purchase documents are to be signed in front of the notary.

It is essential to consider specialized legal help and get in touch with a lawyer in Argentina in order to benefit from a fast and secure process. We are here with legal support if you want to buy land in Argentina. Moreover, our immigration lawyers in Argentina can help you relocate here.

Making an offer for buying land in Argentina as a foreigner

Buying land in Argentina as a foreigner starts with getting the numbers mentioned above, and then a price offer will be made. This is a normal step in buying land or property in Argentina. Once the respective offer is accepted, 30% of the price is paid, with the mention that they cannot be returned in case the buyer changes his mind. This amount can be negotiated and the costs for notarial documents are borne by the seller. People who want to buy land in Argentina can talk more with our lawyer in Argentina. They can also help you with immigration to Argentina if interested in relocation.

If you are interested in starting a business in another country, such as the Netherlands, we can put you in touch with our local partners.

How can our lawyers in Argentina help you?

Those interested in buying land in Argentina as foreigners should consider the legal advice provided by an experienced lawyer. He or she knows what the sale-purchase formalities are and can handle the necessary documents for the respective transaction.

To ensure that you will buy land in Argentina without being the subject of a dispute, it is recommended that you seek specialist help. The lawyer will tell you what real estate due diligence entails, a normal procedure that is done before any real estate transaction. Thus, all the documents and the history of the respective land will be checked to be able to discover if there are litigious problems or if other documents are needed.

Foreigners interested in immigration to Argentina have at their disposal our legal services. We can take care of the formalities, as well as the documents required for the visa and residence permit application. You will also need a work permit if you have accepted a job in Argentina, as our lawyers can collaborate with the employing company. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact our team and discover our legal services.

Available properties for foreigners – Immigration to Argentina

Anyone can buy land or other property in Argentina as long as they comply with the law. If the land is not owned by the state or if it is not close to the border, then the transaction may take place. City land and country land are two types of land available to foreign nationals. If you want to buy land in Argentina, you should know that is not a complicated process, and you can use the services of a real estate agency to benefit from the best offer.

Land acquisition in Argentina can be done for several reasons. Some are interested in building residential buildings for rent, while others want to open large stores. So, regardless of your plans for buying land in Argentina as a foreigner, do not hesitate to talk to our lawyers in Argentina and find out what formalities you need to consider. Here are some statistics about land and property in Argentina:

  • Around USD 2,300 was the average price per square meter for properties in 2020.
  • About 30,000 real estate transactions were recorded in Argentina in the same year.
  • In the first half of 2019, prices for new properties in Buenos Aires increased by more than 25%.

Those who want to apply for a residence permit in Argentina must consider the formalities involved in the process. In this sense, you must prepare and present health insurance, a valid passport, a clear criminal record, and information about personal income. With the help of our lawyers, you can benefit from legal advice for the necessary documents and the steps to follow. Starting from here, we invite you to contact our law firm and find out all the information.

We remind you that if you want to buy land in Argentina you can rely on the legal counseling offered by our experts. Please contact our law firm in Argentina.