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Immigrate to Argentina from Australia

Immigrate to Argentina from Australia

Australian citizens who want to move to Argentina do not need a visa to enter the country. According to the laws of this country, a visa-free stay is allowed for 3 months. However, it is necessary to register with the local authorities and issue a residence permit, but all these details can be provided by our lawyers from Argentina, with experience in immigration. In addition, Australian entrepreneurs who want to immigrate to Argentinafrom Australia can be helped with business or investor visa formalities.

Do I need a visa for Argentina if I’m from Australia?

A visa is required for Australian citizens if they want to move to Argentina. The formalities are straightforward and can be successfully managed by our specialists. Here are some important things to keep in mind when you want to immigrate to Argentina from Australia:

  1. Authorities are asking for details of their new residence in Argentina, plus registration upon arrival in the country, at the nearest police station.
  2. A standard form provided by the Argentine authorities must include all personal information.
  3. Presenting a clean criminal record is another formality that you need to keep in mind when you want to relocate to Argentina from Australia.
  4. In addition to the return flight ticket, health insurance is also required.
  5. As for the passport of those who want to move to Argentina from Australia, this document must be valid for at least 6 months.

Our Argentinian lawyers recommend legal services to all those who want to relocate to Argentina from Australia in order to get rid of the stress of rejecting the visa application. It is recommended to consider specialized help, from the start, in order to be able to enjoy a relocation without problems.

Residence and work permit for foreign employees in Argentina

If you would like to immigrate to Argentina from Australia, it is necessary to obtain a work and residence permit. This document certifies that you can live and work in Argentina legally. Here is some other useful information:

  • • Long-term residency visa is the document required for a stay of more than 3 months in Argentina.
  • • Personal documents, including the birth certificate, are required to obtain this permit.
  • • Employers in Argentina can handle work permits for Australian citizens. The Immigration Department is the institution that issues these permits.
  • • Work permits are valid for one year, but they can be extended if the contract is extended.

Our lawyers in Argentina have experience in immigration issues and can help Australian citizens obtain the necessary documents for relocation. Therefore, those who want to move to Argentina from Australia can benefit from the services offered by our specialists.

Do you want to apply for a residence permit in Argentina? Our recommendation is to get in touch with one of our lawyers and discover the legal services needed in this endeavor. Our specialists can help you with the preparation of the documents required by the authorities, as well as communication with the immigration authorities. Thus, you will ensure that you have a fast process, free of problems of any kind. So get in touch with us to benefit from legal support.

Information about family reunion visa

The spouse, children, and parents of the applicant interested in family reunification can apply for an Argentine visa if they want to relocate from Australia. We mention that the family reunion visa changes into a marriage visa if the respective partners get married. Feel free to u+ask us about this type of visa if you want to immigrate to Argentina from Australia.

With Argentina citizenship, you can benefit from one of the most popular and powerful passports in the world. In this country, citizenship can be obtained by birth, descent, or naturalization (marriage included). If you are interested in this status, it is good to know that you can contact our Argentinian lawyers who can provide legal advice and support for the formalities imposed.

Standard student visa for Argentina

Young Australians who want to study in Argentina can do so by applying for a standard student visa. This type of visa, valid for one year, is issued in about 10 days, but if there are problems with the documents, this process can be extended to 6 weeks. What is important to mention is that the student visa can be extended, and after two years, applicants can begin the process of Argentine citizenship. So, if you are interested in this type of visa, do not hesitate to talk to our immigration lawyers in Argentina.

Are you interested in immigration to Argentina and do you want to relocate with your family? Our advice is to discuss all legal aspects with one of our lawyers, to get a clear idea of ​​the formalities involved. We advise you to contact us to start the process of obtaining a visa, as well as a residence permit. When appropriate, we will help you obtain Argentine citizenship.

Investor visa for Argentina

Those who want to relocate to Argentina from Australia for business purposes can apply for an investor visa. With an investment of approximately USD 50,000 and a consistent business plan, this visa can be easily obtained. What is important to emphasize is that the authorities can investigate the source of those investments, to ensure that they do not come from illicit sources.

In terms of investments in Argentina, the country offers multiple possibilities for foreigners. But to get an idea about the Argentine economy, we present some interesting statistics:

  1. With rich natural resources, Argentina’s exports are consistent and cover the demands of various international markets.
  2. Argentina was ranked 126th out of 190 world economies in terms of climate and business conditions, by the 2020 Doing Business report.
  3. About USD 85.5 billion was the total FDI in Argentina in 2020.
  4. Most foreign investments are absorbed by the manufacturing sector, around 35% of the total.

Would you like to immigrate to Argentina from Australia? We kindly invite you to contact our Argentinian lawyers and discover our legal services in this matter.