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Citizenship by Investment in Argentina

Citizenship by Investment in Argentina

Many foreigners, especially those who are thinking of investing in Latin America, want to find out how to obtain citizenship by investment in Argentina to come to these lands to start companies of various kinds.

Argentina’s economic outlook, surprisingly, shows promising signs after going through a couple of political controversies and the great Coronavirus crisis, which is why this country has become one of the main options for international investors who have their sights set on Latin America. Our immigration lawyers in Argentina can provide in-depth support for those interested in citizenship.

 Quick Facts  
Nationalities accepted 


Business investment option 


Real estate investment option 


Other investment options (if available) Start a business or invest in an existing one 
Residence or direct citizenship option

Through naturalization

Direct immigration with family members 


Family members allowed to join the program

– children,

– parents,

– grandparents

Timeframe for obtaining citizenship/residency by investment

3 years/ 2 years

Dual citizenship permitted 


Reasons to choose Argentina

– solid investment sectors,

– tax regime,

– young and educated workforce

Visa free travel to other countries (approx. number of countries)


Around 67

Although the country does not have formal citizenship by investment scheme as do other famous jurisdictions and international financial centers, there are ways to use investment as an entry point to get Argentine citizenship.

You will most likely encounter several formalities along the way, so having the right immigration lawyers in Argentina will be crucial to your success. They can help you with immigration to Argentina and related aspects.

Recently, the system by which immigration applications were handled in this country was updated to make the whole process easier and faster, so this is the proper time to start your paperwork and obtain citizenship by investment in Argentina. If you are ineterested in other types of services, for example offshore company formation assistance in BVI, we can put you in contact with our partners.

This new system digitalized much of the process you must go through to become an Argentine citizen, but you will still need a law firm in Argentina to help you with the more specific procedures. The following video presentation comprises information about how to obtain Argentinian citizenship by investment:

What to keep in mind before applying for citizenship by investment in Argentina in 2022

As already mentioned, no immigration package grants you citizenship automatically after making a qualifying investment in Argentina. Still, in this case, you will have to use your investment to apply for a residency, and then convert that residency into citizenship. It is a slightly longer process, but in general, it is much cheaper than paying for citizenship in another jurisdiction.

However, there are a couple of considerations to keep in mind when it comes to obtaining citizenship by investment in Argentina

In principle, if you are a foreigner and want to obtain Argentine citizenship through investment, you should bear in mind that this is a procedure that not requires you to stay in the country or work. In these cases, it is enough to carry out a temporary residence procedure. We remind you that you can solicit our help if you want to immigrate to Argentina.

Another important fact to consider is that, according to national law, Argentine nationality cannot be renounced. The fact that a foreign citizen who wishes to acquire Argentine nationality has another or other nationalities does not prevent or affect the possibility of acquiring Argentine nationality. It is possible to be an Argentinian citizen and simultaneously have other nationalities.

The alternative to becoming an Argentine citizen by investment

Foreigners who wish to obtain citizenship by investment in Argentina in 2022 can only become citizens by naturalization. Although it may sound like a complex procedure, naturalization is the most common way for foreigners to become Argentine citizens. It is a judicial process that takes place exclusively before the Argentine federal courts. And it grants the Citizenship Certificate, a document that certifies that a foreigner is a legal citizen.

Remember that before you can initiate this judicial process, you must apply for temporary residence for business or investment purposes. For this reason, we recommend that you consult a team of immigration lawyers in Argentina who can guide you through the whole process. They can help you relocate to Argentina in a fast and reliable manner.

Residency in Argentina can be obtained in a maximum of 45 days if you plan to relocate to this country for work, studies, medical treatments, or family reunification. In this process, you must present a valid passport, clear criminal record, proof of income, and health insurance. But in order not to run into complexities or errors in this endeavor, we recommend you collaborate with one of our lawyers in Argentina.

What are the main requirements for citizenship by investment in Argentina?

When making your application you must submit an investment plan, regardless of whether it is to start a new business or to invest in an existing Argentinian company. In this plan, you must indicate the basis of a productive business related to the service industry or trade, as well as prove the legality of the investment funds originated abroad through vouchers issued by financial institutions considered valid by the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA).

The other requirements will be the following, with the mention that we can help you move to Argentina and handle the formalities for 2022:

  • Be over 18 years of age.
  • Have two years of uninterrupted and documented residence in the country, certified by the National Direction of Migration, except if married to a native Argentine citizen or have a native child.
  • The birth certificate must be presented, duly legalized.
  • It is necessary to bring a photocopy of the national identity card and passport.
  • For this procedure, the criminal record certificate will be requested.
  • Another document that must be presented is the certificate of domicile.
  • On the other hand, the means of livelihood must be justified: employment contract, current work certificate, or salary receipt. In case of being self-employed, copy of proof of contributions.

Depending on the case, the court may request additional documents or information, so having the support of a law firm in Argentina is very important to help you get ahead of any unforeseen events. Let us help you relocate to Argentina.

Argentina citizenship can be a quick and simple process if you collaborate with one of our lawyers. They can explain the required formalities, as well as the eligibility criteria. Citizenship by naturalization is the process by which this status can be obtained if you are married to a citizen of this country. We advise you to contact our specialists to benefit from complete legal services.

Obtaining residency by investment in Argentina

Until obtaining Argentine citizenship, foreign citizens interested in relocating to this country can make investments to obtain residency. Here are some interesting aspects in this direction:

  • ARS 1.5 million is the minimum accepted for investments in Argentina. This amount of money can be directed to different businesses and services.
  • With this amount you have the guarantee of an investor visa for 1 year, to then renew it for 3 years.
  • After 3 years with an investor visa, you can apply for permanent residency, and after 2 years with the new status, you are a suitable candidate for citizenship through naturalization.

It is important to mention that in order to gain permanent residence and qualify for Argentine citizenship, you must maintain your investments in this country. We invite you to discuss all these aspects with one of our immigration lawyers in Argentina.

Immigration to Argentina can be a problem-free process from a legal point of view, especially if you decide to collaborate with one of our lawyers. We deal with clients who need an entry visa, residence permit, and even citizenship. There are several formalities to be followed and documents to be drawn up, therefore, we recommend that you contact us and ask for the necessary information. Contact us today to learn more about the relocation process.

Facts about Argentine citizenship by naturalization

Those interested in Argentina citizenship by naturalization can apply after 2 years of residence in this country. Citizens over 18 years of age can apply without the obligation to know the language or take any specific test.

Even if naturalization is a simple and fast process, considered the best in the world, there is a waiting period of approximately 18 months until you receive an Argentinian passport. But in order to ensure a fair trial from a legal point of view, we invite you to talk to our local lawyers.

Relocating a business in Argentina

Argentina is an interesting and beneficial destination for smart investors who want to generate consistent profits in this country. If you are interested in relocating to Argentina, investments of at least ARS 1.5 million are the way to citizenship by naturalization. Also,  there are other reasons why it is worth opening a company in Argentina:

  • The economy is in continuous development.
  • Educated and experienced workforce.
  • Access for the exploitation of natural deposits that Argentina benefits from.
  • Support for foreign investors interested in startups and green projects.

Ukrainians and business in Argentina

Ukrainians can enter Argentina without a visa, due to the current social context. The Argentine authorities allow Ukrainian citizens to enter the country freely, but after that, it is necessary to apply for a visa. The passport of the Ukrainian citizen interested in residency in Argentina, where the visa will be placed, with the expiration date, is accepted.

As for opening a business in Argentina as a Ukrainian citizen, this is allowed, either with the help of investments in an already existing company or with the establishment of a new one. Business relocation is also accepted, but the formalities may be a bit complex. However, with specialized help from our specialists, you can immigrate to Argentina under optimal conditions from a legal point of view.

Below are some statistical data and information related to Argentina’s economy that might interest you:

  • Over USD 98 billion represented the total FDI for Argentina in 2021.
  • Investments in the greenfield sector had a total value of over USD 3.8 billion.
  • More than half of FDI inflows came from Spain, the US, and the Netherlands in 2020.
  • Brazil, Switzerland, Chile, Uruguay, Germany, France, and Canada are among the most important foreign investors in Argentina.

Argentina visa requirements – What you need to know

In matters of visa requirements and conditions, it is best to talk to an experienced lawyer in Argentina and find out more about these aspects, to be prepared from the start. Here are a few details to pay attention to when it comes to visas for Argentina:

  1. The passport must be valid for at least another 6 months from the date you wish to visit Argentina;
  2. The Argentina Visa Application Form must be completed with personal information;
  3. Proof of accommodation in Argentina is required;
  4. One must present proof of the return flight tickets;
  5. Some bank statements showing you have sufficient funds for the entire stay in Argentina.

In the case of minors traveling to Argentina, the parents, the guardians, or the legal tutors will have to sign a travel authorization, legalized by the Argentinian Embassy or Consulate of the country of origin. Please feel free to talk to one of our lawyers in Argentina and solicit immediate legal advice and assistance for obtaining the needed visa. Argentina visa requirements can be entirely explained by one of our attorneys. Do you need a visa for Argentina? Let us help you from a legal point of view if you want to immigrate to Argentina.

Types of visas for Argentina

For short-term travel, short-term visas can be obtained by foreigners intending to visit Argentina. In this direction, one can apply for Argentina Tourist Visa or Argentina Business Visa. There are also other types of visas for Argentina that can be obtained, depending on the purpose of the visit or stay in the country:

  • Media/Journalist visa – journalists wanting to visit Argentina will have to obtain this kind of visa;
  • Medical Treatment Visa – just like the name says such a visa is required for foreign citizens looking for medical treatments in Argentina.
  • Religious Visa – citizens who are members of officially recognized religious orders must apply for this kind of visa.
  • Student Visa – studying in Argentina is possible, however, foreigners will have to obtain the visa first.
  • Work Visa – foreigners who accept jobs in Argentina must have a work permit. Our Argentinian lawyers will collaborate with your employer in terms of documents and requirements. Argentina visa requirements can be explained by our advisors.
  • Family Visa – foreigners who want to join their families in Argentina will have to apply for this type of visa.
  • Investment Visa – Foreign investors interested in business in Argentina will have to apply for an investment visa.
  • Transit Visa – this is required for persons who only transit Argentina for a couple of hours or days (no more than 10 days) on their way to another country. Talk to us for extra details about how to relocate to Argentina.

Data on immigration to Argentina

For years, the interest in obtaining Argentine citizenship has been quite common among foreigners since this country is one of the main cultural and business centers in Latin America.

Figures on residency applications and applications for residency in Argentina prove it:

  • Before the travel restrictions caused by the pandemic, some 270,000 foreigners settled in Argentina over a 10-year period.
  • The national foreign population is more than 1,800,000 people.
  • The cumulative growth of the economy projected until 2022 is at least 7.5%, ideal to come to Argentina to invest.

If you want to start your plan to become a citizen by investment in Argentina, do not hesitate to contact our team of Argentine lawyers. We can help you through every step of the process, from applying for residency and advising you regarding your investment to applying for citizenship at a later date. We are here to help you move to Argentina.