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Digital Nomad Visa in Argentina

Digital Nomad Visa in Argentina

Argentinian digital nomad visa is addressed to those who want to work remotely or who want to manage their business from abroad. Citizens of some countries can enter Argentina without a visa, while others have to take into account formalities. One of our immigration lawyers in Argentina can advise you legally if you want to apply for a digital nomad visa in Argentina.

What types of visas are available in Argentina?

As we mentioned above, there are countries that do not require a visa for Argentina, and foreign citizens are allowed to stay for 90 days. If you are not in this category, then you need to consider the formalities for the type of visa required. Let’s review some of these:

  • Short-term visas are addressed to those who want to visit and live in the country. You need a valid passport to apply.
  • Immigration authorities require proof of domicile in Argentina, as well as a clear criminal record.
  • Depending on your stay in Argentina, you will need return flights to your home country. Talk to us if you want an Argentinian digital nomad visa.
  • A specific form must be completed with personal data.
  • Proof of sufficient funds for the entire stay in  Argentina will be required.
  • If it applies to minor children, it is necessary to prepare a travel authorization signed by the parents.
  • The short-term visa costs around USD 150 and can be obtained in 10-45 days.

Short-term visas can be extended if applicants want to stay longer in Argentina. We invite you to seek legal help and talk to our immigration lawyers in Argentina in order to obtain an Argentine digital nomad visa. If you are interested in obtaining citizenship in Argentina, our lawyers can offer legal assistance.

Getting a residence visa – Immigration to Argentina

Depending on their stay in Argentina, digital nomads must obtain a residence permit. For example, if you want to live for more than 90 days with a digital nomad visa in Argentina, then a residence permit is required. You can apply by providing a valid passport and a clear criminal record.

If you want to apply for an Argentinian digital nomad visa, please contact our specialists. They can handle the formalities required for applicants to avoid cases in which the application is rejected for various reasons.

Why choose a digital nomad visa for Argentina?

Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is one of the favorite cities of digital nomads. There are a number of facilities, including high-speed internet workspaces. Here is some other interesting information about the conditions offered to those interested in a digital nomad visa in Argentina:

  • Around 38 Mbps is the average internet speed for broadband and fiber internet, while 25 Mbps is the average speed for mobile internet.
  • About USD 2,000 is the monthly cost of living for a digital nomad in Buenos Aires.
  • Monthly shipping costs around USD 21 per month.
  • About USD 800 is the monthly rent in Buenos Aires.

Find out more about digital nomad visas in Argentina from our specialists. They can handle the formalities required in this program.

If you are interested in residency in Argentina, you should know that this status can be obtained approximately 45 days from the date of application. In this endeavor, you can be helped by our lawyers who can explain the application conditions and the required formalities. A valid passport, health insurance, clear criminal record, and proof of income are among the necessary documents in this direction. We mention that this permit is valid for one year, but you can extend it.

Conditions for digital nomads from the USA, Canada, and Australia

Citizens from countries such as the USA, Canada, and Australia do not need a visa for Argentina but can access the program dedicated to digital nomads. If until recently a reciprocity fee of approximately USD 160 was imposed instead of the visa application, this fee only has to be paid by Canadians. Therefore, you need to check all aspects of a digital nomad visa for Argentina before relocating.

Immigration to Argentina is a process in which you can be guided by our lawyers. They will be able to explain the formalities imposed by the authorities and can take care of the necessary documents. We are also here to help you obtain a residence or work permit, according to current legislation. Also, those interested in citizenship can discuss all legal aspects with our experts in the field.

Want complete information about the Argentinian digital nomad visa? You can contact our law firm in Argentina and discover the legal services offered by our specialists. We can help foreigners start a business in Argentina by handling the formalities of immigration to Argentina.