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Immigrate to Argentina from Ukraine

Immigrate to Argentina from Ukraine

The current political context has led the Argentine authorities to implement the Humanitarian visa for Ukrainians. This applies to both applicants and their family members. Find out in this article what are the formalities to follow in order to be able to immigrate to Argentina from Ukraine, with specialized help from our immigration lawyers in Argentina.

How to get an Argentinian visa as a citizen from Ukraine

Entry into Argentina is not restricted by obtaining a visa from Ukrainian citizens. In other words, they are free to enter the country, but after that, they will have to apply for a visa. Let’s review some of the formalities involved in this process, recalling that Argentina introduced the Humanitarian visa for Ukrainians:

  • Once in Argentina, Ukrainian citizens must present a valid passport and travel documents to the immigration authorities.
  • The stamp with the desired visa will be placed on the passport and will contain data about the period of stay.
  • The COVID 19 vaccination rule must be observed, with the presentation of a certificate or a negative test instead

In addition to the above, the authorities may request information about your domicile in Argentina, if it exists, or may refer you to special centers that deal with such cases. You can find more information from our team of lawyers in Argentina. If you are interested in obtaining citizenship in Argentina, our lawyers can offer legal assistance.

Obtaining a residence permit in Argentina – What formalities are required

The residence permit is mandatory for Ukrainian citizens who want to immigrate to Argentina from Ukraine. Here are some of the formalities for obtaining this residence permit:

  • If you have accepted a job in Argentina, then you will be able to apply for a work and residence permit.
  • The employer can handle certain formalities for this type of permit so that you can relocate with your family.
  • In addition to proof of an employment contract, it is necessary to present information about the new domicile in Argentina.
  • Details of the financial situation are part of the application for a work and residence permit in Argentina.

We remind you that the temporary residence permit is valid for 3 months but can be extended, depending on the duration of the employment contract. Feel free to discuss all legal issues with one of our lawyers in Argentina about how to immigrate to Argentina from Ukraine.

Immigration to Argentina is a straightforward process in which you can be helped by one of our local lawyers. Candidates must apply for a visa first, whether for tourism, medical treatments, family reunification, or studies. Among the formalities involved, we mention the presentation of a valid passport, health insurance, proof of income, or work contract. We, therefore, invite you to contact us for complete details on how you can relocate.

Investment visa for Argentina

If you are a foreign citizen interested in investing in Argentina, it is good to know that you can apply for an investment visa. With a minimum investment of USD 2,200 or a bank account with this amount in Argentina, you can apply for an investment visa. Among the benefits of this type of visa are permanent residency in Argentina and the possibility to introduce family members in the application.

In addition, after 2 years with an investment visa for Argentina, you can apply for citizenship and earn other benefits in this country. Here is some information and statistics about the population and immigration in Argentina:

  • According to data provided by Knoema.com for 2020, 0.11% was the migration rate per thousand inhabitants in Argentina.
  • Official figures show that there are over 24,000 immigrants in Argentina, but the unofficial number is higher.
  • There are almost 46 million people in Argentina.

Foreigners who want residency in Argentina can contact our law firm for the formalities related to documents and applications. Interested candidates must consider presenting health insurance, a valid passport, a clear criminal record, and proof of sufficient funds to live in this country. Our lawyers can assure applicants that all documents are compliant before they are presented to the relevant authorities.

Want to know more about how to immigrate to Argentina from UkraineGet in touch with our law firm in Argentina and discover the legal services offered on immigration issues. We are here to provide you with support for setting up a business in this country if you are interested in the subject.