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Immigrate to Argentina

Immigrate to Argentina

Argentina offers relaxed immigration policies to foreigners interested in relocation. Many countries do not have restrictions in terms of visas and foreigners can enter the country and stay for up to 90 days. However, there is a need for a visa to stay longer in this country, and more details about how to immigrate to Argentina can be obtained from our Argentinian lawyers.

 Quick Facts  
Entry visa requirement 


Types of visas available

Short-term and long-term visas

Time frame for obtaining work visa (approx.)  

Around 16 days 
Validity of temporary residence permit

1 year

Temporary residence permit renewal requirements

– proof of income,

– clear criminal record,

– proof of domicile

Documents for obtaining a residence permit

– residential address proof,

– birth and marriage certificates,

– criminal record,

– valid passport,

– bank statements

Investor Visa availability (YES/NO)


Start-up Visa Scheme availability (YES/NO)


Sponsorship requirement (YES/NO) Yes
Time frame for obtaining citizenship After 2 years of living in Argentina
Citizenship/Residency by investment scheme availability (YES/NO) Yes 
Taxation of foreign citizens On the Argentine source of income
Tax benefits for expats 24,5% income tax rate for foreigners on temporary work 

What types of visas are available in Argentina?

There are several types of visas, each meant for different visit and stay purposes. In most cases, a short-term visa can be a suitable option for foreigners interested in visiting Argentina for tourism purposes or business. Medical treatments, religious workers, investments, and work purposes require visas for Argentina. The same thing is available for journalists who want to visit Argentina or for those transiting the country.

Most visas can be renewed while others need to be replaced. In any case, you should solicit legal advice if you want to emigrate to Argentina. Our lawyers in Argentina can offer support for immigration to Argentina and related legal aspects. In matters of documents, the following aspects are important when applying for an Argentinian visa:

  • The passport must be valid for at least 6 months.
  • Information about accommodation in Argentina is solicited by the authorities.
  • The visa application form needs to contain personal information.
  • The flight return tickets will be solicited if that is the case.

You can discover the following infographic with information on the immigration process in Argentina:

How can I obtain residence in Argentina?

The Argentinian residence can be for short or long periods, depending on the purposes of the stay in Argentina. Foreign workers need a long-term residence that can be issued at the same time as the work permit. It is recommended to register with the local authorities and avoid any possible penalties.

More about Argentina’s immigration laws can be offered by one of our advisors who can also help you apply for a residence permit. Foreigners who want to immigrate to Argentina can send us their inquiries right away. They can ask about the services provided by our immigration lawyer in Buenos Aires.

Applying for an investment visa for Argentina

Foreigners who want to make investments in Argentina should apply for a specific visa. This is the investment visa that is granted for minimum investments or a minimum guaranteed income per month of at least USD 2,200 deposited in a local bank account. In this matter, the applicant must offer documentation showing that the above-mentioned income will be deposited each month in the personal bank account in Argentina. More about immigration to Argentina can be found if you talk to our immigration lawyers in Argentina. The video below explains the relocation process to Argentina:

Relocation to Argentina

Can foreigners retire to Argentina?

Yes, seniors who want to retire to Argentina must apply for a pensioner visa and deposit a minimum income of USD 2,200 on a monthly basis, in a local bank account. Such income can derive from personal funds or private funds, as there are no restrictions in this matter. Seniors who want to emigrate to Argentina can get in touch with our lawyers in Argentina and discuss all the formalities. Argentina’s immigration laws can be explained by our specialists who can help you relocate to Argentina.

Are you thinking of applying for Argentinian citizenship? Our lawyers have experience in the field of immigration and can provide you with the necessary legal support to prepare the documents required by the authorities. We mention that people who have lived in Argentina for at least 2 years can apply for citizenship by naturalization, if they can prove this and if they have a clear criminal record. Therefore, talk to one of our experts and discover the legal services offered.

The national identity card

The national identity card or DNI is a necessary document for legal stay in Argentina each DNI has a specific number that can be used for renting accommodation in Argentina or signing utility contracts. Foreign workers in Argentina must have both a national identity card and a work permit. Interested in more about immigration to Argentina? Feel free to talk about the legal aspects with one of our immigration lawyers in Argentina. We are here to help you move to Argentina.

Guide for immigration to Argentina

If Argentina is on your relocation list, then you should get an idea about the process itself and the procedures involved. Also, in this endeavor, you have support from our immigration lawyers in Argentina, who can handle the preparation of the necessary documents and provide legal representation. Below are some of the important steps for immigration to Argentina:

  • The process begins with the application for the necessary visa to enter Argentina. In this sense, you might be interested in short-term or long-term visas, depending on the purpose of the relocation.
  • Once the visa for Argentina is obtained, you must apply for a temporary residence permit. It is valid for one year and can be extended. In addition, the formalities can be managed by one of our Argentinian lawyers.
  • It is important to mention that, in order to obtain residency in Argentina, you must have a domicile in this country. You can collaborate with a real estate agent even before you arrive in Argentina, but you must also consider the rental costs, plus other taxes.
  • If you have accepted a job in Argentina, and a position in the country you come from, you will need a work permit. It can be issued at the same time as a residence permit in Argentina.
  • If you want to apply for an investment visa in Argentina, then you must have a minimum monthly income of USD 2,200 and comply with other conditions imposed in this regard.
  • Once you relocate to Argentina, you might also be interested in the citizenship status. Thus, if you have already lived in this country for 2 years, you can apply for the desired citizenship. And in this case, you can opt for legal services offered by our law firm in Argentina.

You can ask for information about Argentine immigration requirements from our local specialists with experience in this field.

Digital nomads in Argentina

Argentina is among the most popular destinations chosen by digital nomads. Basically, those who can work remotely can opt for Argentina and observe the formalities for obtaining a digital nomad visa. Even if there is no specific category to obtain such a visa, the steps for already existing visas will be followed. In the case of American citizens, there is no need for a visa to enter Argentina, and they can live here for 90 days, and then apply for residency if they want to stay longer than this period. We invite you to talk to us if you want more information about how to immigrate to Argentina.

Other types of income acceptedArgentine immigration requirements

In addition to the income mentioned above and required as part of the immigration process, you can also use passive ones. In other words, if for example, you have rented one or more properties in foreign countries, you can prove these passive incomes in order to apply for residency in Argentina. They are accepted as passive income and dividends from companies if you are a member or as a beneficiary of a trust fund.

Reasons to immigrate to Argentina

Argentina is among the top destinations for investments, business development, great standard of living. Here are some reasons why Argentina might interest you in relocation at some point:

  • Access to a good and free healthcare system.
  • A great educational system and free at all levels, by accessing top institutions.
  • Lower costs of living compared to European countries.
  • A multicultural country with beautiful landscapes, and great ecosystems to explore.
  • A wide range of business opportunities for local and international entrepreneurs who want to develop their activities in a protected climate.

Expat life in Argentina

If Argentina is on your list for a possible relocation from your country of origin, you should learn something about the expats’ situations and how they live.

Located in the southernmost point of Latin America, Argentina is among the top destinations chosen by foreigners looking for a better life and many other opportunities. Here’s why you can benefit as an expat in Argentina, specifying that Argentine immigration requirements can be managed by one of our specialists:

  • Having a rich culture and exciting activities, Argentina offers foreigners a completely different world and special experiences. You cannot understand the way of life of the Argentines if you do not live among them and do not adapt to their way of life.
  • With a population of over 46 million, Argentina is home to numerous foreign citizens who come from European countries and even from Latin America. The communities are welcoming, and expats can easily integrate into the landscape.
  • The official language is Spanish, one of the most spoken in the world, and can be learned quite quickly, especially if you come into contact with Argentinians. An immigration lawyer can help foreigners who are already settled in this country and who want to apply for citizenship.
  • Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and the city where most expats are found. There are multiple business development options, and those interested in relocation can choose the services offered by our immigration lawyer in Buenos Aires.
  • In case of relocation for more than 90 days, foreign citizens must apply for an Argentine visa. But, after that, expats can get the desired residency, bundled with various benefits.
  • Expat students have the opportunity to access the courses of prestigious faculties and colleges. University of Buenos Aires, Universidad Nacional del Sur, and Universidad Nacional del Quilmes are three of the most important and appreciated educational institutions in Argentina.
  • There are many expats working in Argentina. For this to happen, work and residence permits are needed, documents that can be obtained relatively easily. But to avoid complexities, the recommendation is that those interested use the services of an immigration lawyer.
  • Many of the immigrants living in Argentina are with their families. A family reunification visa or family visa is recommended in this regard and our immigration lawyer in Buenos Aires can tell you more details.
  • Argentina is an excellent destination for retirees. With a pension of only USD 2,200 per month, seniors can opt for a retirement visa in Argentina and relocate to an extremely popular destination.
  • The business environment in Argentina is quite appreciated internationally. Foreigners interested in obtaining citizenship in Argentina can invest around ARS 1.5 million in an existing company on the market. Thus, they can benefit from the advantages that come with obtaining this status.
  • Expats are also the ones who benefit from the affordable cost of living in Argentina, including in Buenos Aires, the country’s capital. Most of the time, lifestyle dictates the overall price in Argentina.
  • Foreigners from countries such as Australia, France, New Zealand, or Denmark who are under 35 years old can opt for a working holiday visa for Argentina, available for 12 months. Practically, the young sector of workers is encouraged, who access the labor market in Argentina, without much effort. We also recommend here the services offered by our immigration lawyer for obtaining this type of visa.

Choosing our lawyers in Argentina

The Argentina immigration laws might seem complex to foreigners wanting to relocate to Argentina, which is why legal advice is quite suggested right from the beginning. We have a dedicated team of specialists in immigration to Argentina who can handle all the formalities in matters of visas. We closely work with the immigration authorities and represent foreigners who want to emigrate to Argentina by respecting the applicable rules and regulations. We also gathered some facts and figures about the population of Argentina:

  1. According to worldometers.info, more than 45 million citizens live in Argentina.
  2. Argentina represents around 0.58% of the total population of the world.
  3. More than 92% of the total population of Argentina is urban.
  4. Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina is the most populated city, with more than 13 million citizens already living here.

Interested in how to move to Argentina? We suggest you contact our law firm in Argentina and ask for comprehensive legal advice and representation.