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Obtain Citizenship in Argentina

Obtain Citizenship in Argentina

Citizenship in Argentina offers a wide range of options and opportunities. According to the Global Passport Power Rank 2021, Argentina was ranked in the category of 18th most powerful passports in the world. If you want to relocate to Argentina and planning to obtain Argentina citizenship, then here is good news for you, Argentina not only allows you to hold dual, but also multiple nationalities. Another interesting fact is that you cannot renounce Argentina nationality, so the countries that do not allow second citizenship still permit it for Argentinian nationals. This waiver is allowed in exceptional circumstances, when renouncing is impossible.  You can rely on the services of our immigration lawyers in Argentina, as they can help you obtain Argentina citizenship in a legal manner. 

How to get Argentine citizenship in 2022?

Any individual is eligible for citizenship in Argentina, if he/she can be included in one of these four categories:

  • Citizenship by birth: those who were born in Argentina automatically become citizens of this country except for those who were born to foreign diplomats;
  • Citizenship by naturalization: anyone who completes the naturalization process and meets the standard criteria becomes a citizen of Argentina;
  • Citizenship by descent: this specific category provides Argentina citizenship to anyone who is born overseas to an Argentine-born parent;
  • Anyone born in Las Islas Malvinas can claim Argentine nationality as the government of the UK and Argentine dispute the ownership of this territory. 

You can get further details regarding how to get Argentina dual citizenship in 2022 from our legal entity. Our law firm in Argentina will legally assist you in this matter. We are here to help you immigrate to Argentina.

How to get Argentine citizenship by descent?

To get Argentina citizenship by descent you must have at least one Argentine-born parent. If you are above age 18, you will need to provide the following documents:

  1. Application and identification document;
  2. Your birth certificate along with apostille;
  3. Certified copies of birth certificates of Argentina parents (one copy of certified birth certificate if only one parent is from Argentina) from the Argentina Civil Registry.

If you are under age 18, you will be required to provide these documents:

  • Your birth certificate with an apostille;
  • Certified copies of the birth certificates of both Argentina-born parents (one copy of birth certificate if you have only one Argentina parent);
  • National identification documents of both parents if both are from Argentina; in the case when only one parent is from Argentina you should provide the national identity document of one parent only;
  • Consent of both parents.

If you are eligible for citizenship by descent and you want to apply for citizenship in Argentina, our lawyers can help you. You can get the services of our attorneys in Argentina for legal assistance throughout the citizenship process. They are ready to help youwith immigration to Argentina.

How to get Argentine citizenship by naturalization

An individual is eligible for citizenship by naturalization if he/she is of 18 years or above and lived in Argentina for two years. Such a person can apply for citizenship by naturalization before a federal judge. But bear in mind, your citizenship in Argentina may be denied if you are under criminal prosecution, do not have a legal income, you are working without a legal permit, or in the last five years you have spent more than three years in jail. 

Our local lawyers can guide you in detail about the requirements of getting Argentina dual citizenship in 2022. Let our immigration lawyers in Argentina help you relocate to Argentina.

Citizenship by investment in Argentina

Although Argentina doesn’t offer direct citizenship by investment, it does have a residency by investment program. Our lawyers in Argentina can help you out in this matter, particularly immigration to Argentina because there is a gap between the published minimum investment and the reality of what the Immigration Agency will accept.

The legislation in the country demands an investment of at least ARS1,500,000 (15,440 US Dollar) into a local business. So, our lawyers can guide you on the minimum investment and other requirements you need to observe to get residency by investment. They can also explain you how to move to Argentina and the process involved.

Argentina immigration statistics (2005-2015)

Check below an increase of immigration in the statistics of Argentina from 2005 to 2015:

  • In 2010, the number of immigrants in Argentina was 1,805,957, recording an increase by 7.94% from 2005;
  • In 2015, the number of immigrants increased to 2,086,302 (15.52% growth compared to 2010).

Contact our law firm if you are planning to get Argentina citizenship in 2022. Our experienced immigration lawyers will help you move to Argentina in a fast and reliable manner.