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Obtain Citizenship in Argentina

Obtain Citizenship in Argentina

Citizenship in Argentina offers a wide range of options and opportunities. If you want to relocate to Argentina and plan to obtain Argentinian citizenship, you can rely on the services of our immigration lawyers in Argentina.

 Quick Facts  
 Nationalities accepted (EU/Non-EU) Both EU and non-EU citizens can apply for citizenship in Argentina. 

Business investment option (YES/NO) 


 Real estate investment option

Not available 

 Methods available to get citizenship naturalization, by descent, by investment 
 Conditions to obtain citizenship by  investment in Argentina

 Investing at least ARS 1,5 million in a local company.

 Institution issuing the Argentine passport

 Ministry of Foreign Affairs

 Direct immigration with family members 

The main candidate can apply for family members too when immigrating to Argentina. 

 Family members allowed to join the program

– children,

– spouses,

– parents,


 Citizenship processing time (approx.)

 A few months

 Additional financial requirements for family members Specific fees must be paid at the time the citizenship application is made. 
 Naturalization process

For citizens above 18 years of age who have lived in Argentina for at least 2 years 

 Dual citizenship permitted (YES/NO)


 Reasons to choose Argentina

– a great standard of living,

– varied business opportunities,

– powerful passport 

 Personal income tax rate

Ranging from 5% to 35% 

 Visa-free travel to other countries (approx. number of countries) Around 67 

How to get Argentine citizenship in 2024

Any individual is eligible for citizenship in Argentina if he/she can be included in one of these four categories:

  • Citizenship by birth: those who were born in Argentina automatically become citizens of this country except for those who were born to foreign diplomats;
  • Citizenship by naturalization: anyone who completes the naturalization process and meets the standard criteria becomes a citizen of Argentina;
  • Citizenship by descent: this specific category provides Argentina citizenship to anyone who is born overseas to an Argentine-born parent;
  • Anyone born in Las Islas Malvinas can claim Argentine nationality as the government of the UK and Argentine dispute the ownership of this territory. 

You can get further details regarding how to get Argentina dual citizenship in 2024 from our legal entity. Our law firm in Argentina will legally assist you in this matter. We are here to help you immigrate to Argentina.

In the case of children with naturalized parents in Argentina, these can apply for this status. Even though it might seem a complicated situation at first, the application can be made with the help of our lawyers who have experience in this particular area of citizenship in Argentina.

According to Act no. 25.871, Decreto 616/2010 foreign citizens can apply for a temporary visa for Argentina if they provide they have an income of at least ARS 30,000 per year. This kind of visa is valid for one year, but it can be renewed for another 3 years.  Application for permanent residency is accepted after this period, and after 2 years of permanent residency, foreigners can apply for citizenship in Argentina.

Below is an infographic on this subject:

How to get Argentine citizenship by descent

To get Argentinian citizenship by descent you must have at least one Argentine-born parent. If you are above age 18, you will need to provide the following documents:

  1. Application and identification document;
  2. Your birth certificate along with apostille;
  3. Certified copies of birth certificates of Argentina parents (one copy of certified birth certificate if only one parent is from Argentina) from the Argentina Civil Registry.

If you are under the age of 18, you will be required to provide these documents:

  • Your birth certificate with an apostille;
  • Certified copies of the birth certificates of both Argentina-born parents (one copy of birth certificate if you have only one Argentina parent);
  • National identification documents of both parents if both are from Argentina; in the case when only one parent is from Argentina you should provide the national identity document of one parent only;
  • Consent of both parents.

If you are eligible for citizenship by descent and you want to apply for citizenship in Argentina, our lawyers can help you. You can get the services of our attorneys in Argentina for legal assistance throughout the citizenship process. They are ready to help you with immigration to Argentina.

Do you want residency in Argentina? You should know that you must prepare health insurance, a valid passport, proof of income, a work contract, and a clear criminal record. We also mention that before applying for this status, you need to be registered with the local authorities, as a mandatory formality. But to benefit from a problem-free process, we recommend those interested contact our lawyers and ask for information about the legal services offered.

According to the Nomad Passport Index, the Argentinian passport is ranked 16th. This powerful passport allows naturalized citizens in Argentina to travel visa-free to around 156 countries. You may discuss with our lawyers in Argentina the formalities for getting a passport in Argentina after obtaining citizenship.

Here is a video presentation with information about Argentine citizenship:

How to get Argentine citizenship by naturalization

An individual is eligible for citizenship by naturalization if he/she is 18 years old or above and lived in Argentina for two years. Such a person can apply for citizenship by naturalization before a federal judge. But bear in mind, your citizenship in Argentina may be denied if you are under criminal prosecution, do not have a legal income, are working without a legal permit, or in the last five years, you have spent more than three years in jail. 

The fastest way to obtain Argentine citizenship is through naturalization. This is stipulated by Law 346, Article 2. Here are some formalities that you must take into account when you want to apply for citizenship in Argentina by naturalization:

  • You must be at least 18 years old to apply.
  • Candidates must prove that they have lived in Argentina, with a residence permit for at least 2 years, as required by law.
  • It is also the legislation that says you must appear before a federal judge to declare and express your desire to become a citizen of Argentina.

Therefore, you only have to live in Argentina for 2 years to apply for citizenship in this country. If you provide clear proof of this, all you have to do is talk to our immigration lawyers in Argentina and discover the legal services you need in this endeavor.

Argentine citizenship by descent can be obtained by born children abroad, by having at least one parent of Argentinian origin. The same citizenship by descent can be granted to grandchildren of Argentine citizens with at least one parent who obtained Argentine citizenship by descent first. 

Our local lawyers can guide you in detail about the requirements of getting Argentina dual citizenship in 2024. Let our immigration lawyers in Argentina help you relocate to Argentina.

Citizenship by investment in Argentina

Although Argentina doesn’t offer direct citizenship by investment, it does have a residency by investment program. Our lawyers in Argentina can help you out in this matter, particularly immigration to Argentina because there is a gap between the published minimum investment and the reality of what the Immigration Agency will accept.

The legislation in the country demands an investment of at least ARS 1,500,000 (15,440 US Dollars) into a local business. So, our lawyers can guide you on the minimum investment and other requirements you need to observe to get residency by investment. They can also explain to you how to move to Argentina and the process involved.

Interested in the formalities of immigration to Argentina? Our specialists can provide you with the necessary legal support so that you can relocate quickly and safely. Depending on the country you come from, you will need to apply for a visa, and then follow the steps to obtain a residence permit. In this sense, it is necessary to prepare a valid passport, birth and marriage certificate, proof of domicile, and income. Our advice is to contact us to discover from the beginning what are the requirements for relocation.

Short facts about visas for Argentina

Visas for Argentina are issued in accordance with the duration of stay in this country. Short or long-term visas are available for foreigners intending to visit or relocate to Argentina. Argentina work visa, student visa, journalist visa, religious visa, investment visa, and family visa are available for foreigners wanting to visit this country for different purposes. Specific conditions must be respected for obtaining a visa for Argentina, like showing proof of accommodation and bank statements, a valid passport plus return flight tickets. If you intend to live in Argentina for more than just a couple of days, you should observe the rules for obtaining temporary residence in Argentina. Talk to our Argentinian lawyers for legal advice and representation if you want to relocate to Argentina.

Argentine citizenship can be obtained by birth, descent, or by naturalization. There are eligibility criteria to take into account, but the information in this regard can be provided by one of our Argentinian lawyers. You can thus benefit from a process free of complexities and errors so that you can obtain the desired status in the shortest possible time. Therefore, we invite you to contact us and find out all the information that interests you.

What are the steps for obtaining an Argentine passport?

The Argentine passport can be obtained by foreign citizens with Argentinian citizenship. But before that, one must have lived in Argentina for at least 2 years with continuous residency and then apply for citizenship. Below you can find useful information about how to obtain an Argentine passport:

  1. Citizenship is granted to persons over 18 years of age living in Argentina for at least 2 years with no interruptions.
  2. Once citizenship is obtained, you can apply for an Argentine passport.
  3. The Argentine passport is issued if all personal documents are submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Argentina and dedicated departments.
  4. The authorities have the right to make some verifications and check the criminal records before issuing the Argentine passport.
  5. The National Identity Document, the proof of marital status, and the birth certificate must be presented to the Civil Registry where the passport application process starts.
  6. The Argentine passport has a validity of 10 years.

Foreigners interested in obtaining an Argentinian passport can simply get in touch with our lawyers in Argentina and solicit legal advice. Our team of specialists can help you obtain citizenship and the Argentine pass.

What happens in the case of foreigners married to Argentinian citizens?

In the case of foreigners who are married to a citizen of Argentina and who have children together, there is no need to wait two years to apply for the desired citizenship. Thus, things are much simplified, as it is necessary to prove the degree of kinship with the help of the marriage certificate, plus those of the children if you apply for them as well.

In what situations can the application for citizenship in Argentina be refused?

There are cases in which the citizenship application of foreigners can be rejected. For example, if the applicant does not have a clear criminal record or if he has served a prison sentence of at least 3 years in the last 5 years, the application may be rejected.

Also, if it is discovered that the sources of income are not legitimate, for example, if one works without a work permit, the application for citizenship in Argentina can be refused.

It is very important to talk to a specialist in the field, who can guide you regarding the formalities and legislation for obtaining citizenship in Argentina. That is why we recommend the services offered by our law firm in Argentina.

Is dual citizenship accepted in Argentina?

Yes, Argentina recognizes dual citizenship, which means that foreign citizens do not have to give up their current one to obtain the new one. On the other hand, once you become a citizen of Argentina, you cannot renounce this status.

Benefits of Argentine citizenship

One of the advantages offered by Argentina is even citizenship by naturalization, which can be obtained after 2 years of living in this country. Thus, an Argentinian passport is one of the most powerful in the world and allows travel without visa restrictions in approximately 161 countries in the world. On the other hand, those who choose to relocate to Argentina can enjoy welcoming communities, affordable cost of living, and high quality of life, alongside a rich culture. If Argentina is on your list for relocation or even for obtaining citizenship, we invite you to contact us to know in detail what the formalities are from a legal point of view.

Argentina immigration statistics

If you are interested in citizenship in Argentina or if you want to relocate to this country, you can discover some statistical data about immigration in this country:

  • According to Macrotrends.net, in Argentina, in 2023, the current net migration rate was around 0.082 per 1000 population. This represents a decline of approximately 5.75% compared to 2022.
  • Around 0.087 per 1000 population was the net migration rate for Argentina in 2022 which represented a decline of about 6.45% from 2021.
  • Data for 2021 showed that the net migration rate for Argentina was approximately 0.093 per 1000 population, about a 5.1% decline compared to 2020.

Contact our law firm if you are planning to get Argentina citizenship in 2024. Our experienced immigration lawyers will help you move to Argentina in a fast and reliable manner.