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Employee/ Personnel Relocation to Argentina

Employee/ Personnel Relocation to Argentina

Foreign entrepreneurs who want to open a business in Argentina have the opportunity to relocate their employees as well. This process is called employee/personnel relocation in Argentina and can be supervised by one of our specialists. With the help of our immigration lawyers in Argentina, you can learn more about employee relocation to Argentina.

Visa and work permits for foreign employees in Argentina

Most of the time, opening a business in a foreign country also involves employee/personnel relocation to Argentina, in addition to the local workforce. Depending on the country of origin, it is necessary to consider the formalities for obtaining an entry visa to Argentina and a work permit. Let’s review some of the most important aspects of obtaining these documents:

  • The authorities in Argentina offer foreigners short and long-term visas, depending on their plans and projects regarding relocation. Certain applicants may need a short-term visa if they have accepted a job for a certain period.
  • A work visa can be issued in approximately 16 days from the date of submission of the documents.
  • Among the documents required for the visa and work permit are proof of domicile, work contract or sponsor, clear criminal record, proof of income, and a valid passport.
  • As in the case of these documents, the residence permit in Argentina has a specific validity. It can be issued at the same time as the work permit.

It is important to specify that our immigration lawyers in Argentina will collaborate both with the relevant authorities and with the employing company interested in employee/personnel relocation to Argentina. We are here to help you with all the information about immigration to Argentina.

Who has priority in the labor market in Argentina?

As is practiced in many countries, Argentines have priority in the labor market. This means that, if there are jobs available, priority is given to those from the local workforce. However, if all the available places cannot be filled due to lack of staff, it is possible to opt for foreign employees. Employee/personnel relocation to Argentina is a fairly simple and fast process, if you consider the formalities imposed by the authorities and the legislation in force. There are no restrictions on the employment of foreign workers in Argentina, as long as they are properly registered.

Minimum wage in Argentina

ARS 69,500 represents the minimum wage in Argentina per month, according to the data for 2023. Here is other interesting information:

  • Non-residents in Argentina are levied only on the income generated in this country.
  • Personal income tax ranges between 5% and 35%.
  • Self-employed individuals in Argentina are levied on gross income with a 4% tax rate.

Why collaborate with our lawyers in Argentina?

We recommend specialized help if you want information about employee/personnel relocation to Argentina. Our experts can manage the documents and procedures for relocation to Argentina in a short time and without complexity. It is much more advisable to talk to our attorneys in Argentina to be able to understand the formalities from a legal point of view for employee/personnel relocation to Argentina.

Therefore, we invite you to contact our law firm in Argentina and discuss everything that interests you regarding employee/personnel relocation to Argentina. We are here to help you move to Argentina in the shortest possible time, with all the documents prepared.