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Family Lawyer in Argentina

Family Lawyer in Argentina

Do you need a family lawyer in Argentina? You can contact our local specialists to solve family problems. We can represent you in various legal matters, such as divorce, custody, prenuptial agreements, and many more. In the following lines, you can discover some information about the legal services offered by our family lawyers in Argentina.

Divorce lawyers in Argentina

In most cases, a divorce by mutual consent is the right method for separating spouses. As long as they agree on the assets to be divided, custody if applicable, and alimony, the divorce process can be simple and quick. But in the situation where the spouses do not agree on the conditions of separation, the divorce comes to the attention of the appropriate authorities. Here are other aspects of divorce in Argentina:

  • A contested divorce happens when one of the spouses does not agree with the respective separation.
  • In the case of a contested divorce, each spouse is represented by a lawyer. The conditions for dissolving the marriage before the court are mutually agreed upon.
  • The judge is also the one who can decide the custody of the children, who has to pay the alimony, and how the domicile of the minors is established.
  • The divorce decision in Argentina can be contested, but this requires more resources, time, and money.
  • Regarding the divorce of foreigners in Argentina, one of our lawyers can explain both local and international legislation, depending on the country of origin of the spouses.

Please discuss with our divorce lawyers in Argentina for more information about the process itself. Our law firm in Argentina can provide you with in-depth information on this topic.

Child custody and relocation – How can we help?

If the divorce cannot be resolved amicably, the spouses must appear before the court. Here we will also discuss the terms regarding the custody of minor children, the alimony they must receive, as well as their domicile if they will live with their mother or father. In any case, the parental responsibilities are clear and this means that both the mother and the father must ensure the children’s good upbringing, education, and stable residence. It is good to note that children under the age of 5 will have the domicile settled with the mother. With the help of our attorneys in Argentina, you can better understand the conditions for taking custody of minor children.

Prenuptial agreements in Argentina

Prenuptial agreements in Argentina are the same thing as premarital contracts. Such documents are usually drawn up before the marriage and involve the terms by which personal assets are protected against an imminent divorce. In other words, the partners can opt for the protection of their assets against their division at the dissolution of the marriage. What you need to know about prenuptial agreements in Argentina:

  • Such a document can be signed in front of the public notary.
  • A prenup must contain complete details about the personal assets of each partner.
  • It must be specified that, in case of divorce, the assets before the marriage cannot be challenged in court nor divided.
  • Personal assets from before the marriage cannot be used to pay the debts of the other partner, in case of divorce.

We also offer you some details about divorce in Argentina:

  • The majority (60%) of those who file for divorce in Argentina are women.
  • Marriages in Argentina that end with a divorce last around 12 years.
  • Over 43% of married Argentines between the ages of 39 and 50 filed for divorce.

We recommend contacting our family lawyers in Argentina if you want to benefit from specialized services. You also have the support of our immigration lawyers in Argentina at your fingertips if you want to relocate with your family to this country.