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Company Liquidation in Argentina

Company Liquidation in Argentina

Interested in company liquidation in Argentina? You can ask for information from our lawyers in Argentina who can help you with the legal formalities involved in the process. In the following lines, you can discover information about how to close a company in Argentina.

Steps involved in company liquidation in Argentina

Closing a company in Argentina can take place following the decision taken by mutual agreement by the owners of the company in question. When the business is no longer profitable, it is possible to proceed to winding up the company in Argentina. From a legal point of view, some formalities must be observed, and our Argentine agents can help:

  • One can opt for voluntary liquidation of a company in Argentina. In this case, assets can be sold to pay debts.
  • Managing the company’s residual assets is made with the Argentine Treasury.
  • Business liquidation in Argentina can be done through voluntary bankruptcy and a petition presented to a court.
  • A description of suspended payments and an evaluation of the company’s assets and liabilities, approved by an accountant in Argentina, is required.
  • The company’s creditors and other administrative declarations are also needed.

Company liquidation in Argentina is a process that can be supervised by one of our specialists. Our attorneys in Argentina have experience in this matter and can guide you in detail on how to close a company in Argentina.

Reorganization before closing a company in Argentina

The owners of companies that do not meet the expected profit can think, in the first phase, about company reorganization or restructuring. Normally, such business strategies should give results and stabilize the direction of the company to some extent. However, if this strategy does not provide solutions to the problems encountered, it is possible to proceed to company liquidation in Argentina. In this sense, the company’s shareholders can start the steps for winding up the company in Argentina, with specialized help. In both cases, whether it is company reorganization or company liquidation in Argentina, our lawyers can provide the necessary legal assistance. Various documents and declarations will be drawn up, and then they will be registered with the relevant authorities.

We invite you to learn more about company liquidation in Argentina from our local attorneys.

What can stand at the base of liquidating a company in Argentina?

Unfavorable management of a company in Argentina can lead to below-expected results over time. Failure to adapt to the requirements of the market and the business environment is also a quite serious reason why businesses do not go in the right direction. Moreover, if there are no profits in the company, the shareholders can think about reorganizing the activities and the company in question, and as a last option, this can be winding up the company in Argentina.

Some recent data about companies in Argentina

Data and forecasts have been published regarding the business direction and the companies in Argentina:

  • It is estimated that around 20% of the 5,000 companies active in the textile sector will be liquidated shortly.
  • There are over 50,000 small and medium enterprises activating in the manufacturing sector in Argentina, a number that has not been exceeded for 10 years.

In addition to the services offered for winding up a company in Argentina, our specialists can also help you in other endeavors. For example, we offer legal advice for immigration to Argentina. Moreover, our experts can manage the formalities for obtaining residency in Argentina. You can also contact us if you want Argentine citizenship. Whatever aspects interest you, we invite you to discover the legal services of our law firm in Argentina.