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Long-Stay Visa in Argentina

Long-Stay Visa in Argentina

Long-stay visa in Argentina is addressed to those who want to live in this country for more than 90 days. Our immigration lawyers in Argentina can explain what this visa entails and how it can be obtained. The formalities for immigration to Argentina come under the attention of our specialists, and in the following lines, you can learn more about long-term visas for Argentina.

What long-term visas are available in Argentina?

If you have accepted a job in Argentina, you can opt for a work visa that is part of the long-term visa category. Moreover, those interested in family reunification can apply for an Argentine family visa. There is also a pensionado visa in Argentina for those who want to move here after retirement. Below are some formalities to follow if you want to apply for a work visa in Argentina:

  • A job offer letter must be prepared and presented.
  • An employment contract is required when applying for a work permit. It must also include information about the monthly salary.
  • Health insurance and proof of domicile in Argentina are required.
  • Employers in Argentina take care of the formalities for obtaining work and residence visas for foreign workers, in collaboration with specialists in the field. Thus, our lawyers in Argentina know the legislation and the procedures, and as a result, they can help you in obtaining these documents.

Feel free to contact our team if you need more details about a long-stay visa for work purposes in Argentina.

Conditions to obtain a student visa in Argentina

The student visa is also part/a category of the long-stay visa in Argentina. This is addressed to foreigners who come to study in this country and who must also obtain residency in Argentina. These are some of the conditions and requests regarding documents for obtaining a student visa:

  • One must present the letter of acceptance issued by the college/educational institution in Argentina.
  • The passport must be valid for at least 6 months,
  • Some bank statements are required or proof of financial support during courses in Argentina.
  • Health insurance and a police clearance certificate are also required.
  • Complete the standard forms and pay the visa fee.

We remind you that this long-stay visa for Argentina is dedicated to foreigners who want to study in this country. Our attorneys in Argentina can very successfully manage the procedures for the applicants to obtain the desired visa.

Family reunification in Argentina

The long-stay visa category covers a wide range of visit/relocation purposes in Argentina. If you want to move to Argentina for family reunification, you can opt for the available visa in this sense. It is important to prove that you have a relative with a residence permit in Argentina. Moreover, in addition to the standard forms to be filled out, birth/marriage certificates are also required, and our Argentine lawyers can help you with all the procedures.

Immigration facts about Argentina

Argentina offers a multitude of possibilities for foreign citizens, closely related to the business environment or living conditions. If you want to immigrate to Argentina, we invite you to discover information in this regard:

  • The most recent data for the first months of 2024 showed a current net migration rate of 0.078 per 1000 population.
  • In 2023, a net migration rate of approximately 0.082 per 1000 population was recorded.

In addition to support for obtaining a long-stay visa for Argentina, you can also opt for other services. We can help you obtain Argentine citizenship. You may contact our law firm in Argentina and find out more about the legal services we offer.